Winesday Wednesday 7/22/15

Ok yup, this mama could use a cold one right about now. We had an appointment at the US Consulate office downtown today (to get Wes’s SSN and US passport…lucky man is the only one in the family with dual citizenship!) and as we were in our appointment, a tornado was coming and they had all the consulate employees come into the waiting room area so they could be away from the windows. Um yeah, so after going through security checkpoints and having to leave our phones and keys and stroller with diaper bag behind, we got to sit around for an extra hour. Good thing Wes slept the whole time!

And with that I say happy Winesday Wednesday!


I know I said last week that I wanted to lay off the booze and I pretty much have! EXCEPT Tyler came home Saturday with a really cool bottle of yum for me to try:

photo 5-21

MTL Fruit Co Pink Grapefruit! I had never seen it before. Tyler poured me a glass on ice and it was SO GOOD. Tasted just like grapefruit juice. As I was taking my first sip, Tyler read aloud the bottle-> “A rosé wine based drink with a citrus twist! This pink delight mixes the soft floral experience of a rosé with the tart crispness of grapefruit. A perfect poolside partner!” When he read that, I could immediately pick out the rosé as an underlying flavor. I gotta tell ya, it was really super tasty and at $12 for the bottle, a perfect summer refreshment that’s affordable! PS: It’s also only 5% alcohol. PPS: That’s $12 CAD (which means it’s way cheaper in ‘merican dollars).

photo 2-66

Michael sent me his latest beer selection:

photo 1.PNG-3

It’s a triple IPA from Stone Brewing in California. When I checked out the website, it also noted that they were selling their beer in Canada! I got excited, but then saw it was only in Ontario. If you’re in Ontario and see Stone Brewing, give it a try and let me know what you think!

What are you drinking this week?!

8 thoughts on “Winesday Wednesday 7/22/15

  1. The kits that I racked last weekend were so good I wanted to drink the right out of the carboy! Especially the Italian white. I’m into the Meglioli kits now, and they seem to be going well.

  2. That grapefruit stuff sounds awesome. I’m currently not drinking as I’m doing 21 day fix and I’m too damn hungry to trade in my carb container for a measly 4oz of wine.

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