Weekend Recap


I opted out of my morning workout in order to do my hair and slap on some makeup. I am so over the whole process of attempting to look human, but it does make me feel better to do it once in a while! After Wes’s morning nap, we headed wayyyyyyyyy down south to attend the Spruce Meadows International Christmas Market. There were a ton of vendors, but it was too packed for me to navigate the stroller (solo, I might add!). Wes was getting antsy and it made me get anxious and antsy as well, so we left after a couple of hours. Plus, it wasn’t as good as people were hyping it up to be. I only bought a couple bars of locally made soap!




At least it was something for us to do and get out of the house. Wes did seem to enjoy looking at all the lights. I was glad I remembered to pack some food for me to snack on because there was practically nothing offered at the market. As soon as we got home, I also toasted a piece of banana bread and topped it with chocolate chips (mmmm melty!) and peanut butter.


 I did my workout just as Tyler was coming home from work, then played around with Mr. Wes while Tyler made us turkey child for dinner. Might I add that Wes is starting to look more and more like me?



I had a glass of rosé once Wes went down and we watched Vacation before heading to bed. I thought the movie was hilarious.




I woke up around 7am and was about to start pumping when I checked the monitor and saw that Wes had just flipped! Rather than having a slow-starting morning, I ran into his room and got him. Nothing major, but it totally woke me up for the day!

We had Wes’s pool class in the afternoon and he fell asleep just as we got back home. I ran out to pick up some toys for him off Kijiji, got some groceries, came home and he was STILL sleeping. Cut to 2 1/2 hours later and the kid finally woke up.



Tyler made DELICIOUS lasagna for dinner and I had to restrain myself from inhaling a piece once it was ready. (my stomach hasn’t been loving cheese/ice cream lately. OH THE TRAGEDY!)



We watched Avengers and most of Selfless before heading to bed.



Ok, so Sunday was supposed to be my day to sleep in. BUT…I couldn’t. I TRIED SO HARD. Tyler got up at 7:30 and fed Wes while I pumped. Once I got back in bed, my mind was going a mile a minute thinking of all the things I wanted to get done for the day and I felt bad that I was in bed. So after another hour of trying to sleep, I finally got up.

I added some quinoa to my usual Sunday BAE and it was good!


Before putting Wes down for his nap, I took some 7 month pictures of him and managed to type up his 7 month update post while he slept.


Later in the afternoon, I took Wes out for a walk and a trip to the library. It was really nice outside! Fingers crossed we keep getting similar weather for a while.



While Wes was taking his second nap of the day, I did my workout and walked the dogs at a mucho brisk pace. I figured, hey, these pups need HIIT too. Cardio for the win!


Tyler made us chili lime chicken with sautéed veggies and rice. I am seriously spoiled with a guy that likes to be in the kitchen. He cooks, I bake. That said, I made some BANANA chocolate chip cookies right after dinner (you know, to use up the brown bananas). They’re really good- I highly recommend giving the recipe a try!




I’m thinking the above photo would make for a great wallpaper for my iPhone. I’m also thinking if I did that, I’d eat 352092732x more cookies every day.

Once Wes went to bed, Tyler and I picked out our Christmas cards and then it was time for b-e-d.

How was your weekend?

12 thoughts on “Weekend Recap

  1. Aw I totally would have gone with you to the Spruce Meadows sale – I live right next to there! Those cookies look amazing! It’s a good thing I don’t bake often because there’s no way those would last a day in our house! How was Selfless?

  2. That sucks that the Christmas market wasn’t very good…I’ve heard good things about it and thought about going to meet a friend there. I may still as it’s something to do and gets us out of the house like you said 🙂

  3. ok- that grump “what are you looking at” face + sunglasses= amazing! and the lasagna looks delicious- I haven’t made that in forever but now I want it! Our weekend was good, as you already ready about 🙂

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