From the Week

Not much going on in our household this week. Some highlights if you will…

Monday: I got up early to get dressed (aka: look like a human) and take Wes to the mall to have his picture taken with Santa. Well, the kid slept until 9:15…..14 hours! I will NEVER hate on that!



We had chicken teriyaki for dinner, yum!


Tuesday: Took a trip to Michaels then hung out around the house the rest of the day.



I think Reggie is finally warming up to Wes. We had pork tenderloin for dinner and it was delicious!


Wednesday: I had two wisdom teeth removed in the morning. UGH. Honestly (and I’m writing this 2 days post-op) I’d rather go through natural childbirth again than have to deal with this. The procedure was quick, but the discomfort and inability to eat solid food is a huge freaking pain in the ass.


Eats throughout the day: smoothie, runny oats, soup, applesauce.

I had a later afternoon nap, so I was able to stay up and watch Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation with Tyler before getting to bed.

Thursday: Such a bummer that I have a swollen face and can’t eat. Tyler had even taken the day off to celebrate Thanksgiving, but we wound up just snacking on different things throughout the day (I had scrambled eggs, a smoothie, soup and pudding. WOOO).

I skipped a workout on Wednesday for obvious reason, but NEEDED to sweat so I did a lower body workout and only modified a bit on the jumping.

I did manage to get out of the house for a bit and pick up some necessities for Wes, but it wiped me out.

It was also my parents 49th anniversary! They spent the holiday in Woodstock, VT and I wish we could have been there with them!


After Wes went to bed, we watched Inside out in 3D and I fell asleep before 9pm.


That’s all from this end (at least from what I can remember), how was your week?

13 thoughts on “From the Week

  1. Is it too late to take back what I said about getting your wisdom teeth out? I had a small filling done the weekend before we left for Florida and it was the worst day ever!! Having your mouth frozen SUCKS. I was miserable all day and exhausted, so I can imagine how crappy your recovery was 😦 Will you be getting the other two out too??!

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