Weekend At A Glance

Hi friends! How are you? Did you have a good weekend? We didn’t do much over here, but if you’re reading this in desktop version you might have noticed I changed the blog’s format a bit. I’m still trying to play around with it- at least as much as I can without having to pay for any upgrades. Let me know if there’s anything you’d like to see/change!

Backing up a couple days to quickly recap the weekend…

Friday: Tyler was off from work so Friday felt like a Saturday. We didn’t do too much- hung out around the house then headed to CrossIron Mills to see if we could score any shopping deals. We walked out of there with stuff for Wes and a couple of dress shirts for Tyler. On the way home, we stopped at a couple more stores for some house stuff and of course more things for Wes.

Our Christmas cards arrived in the mail, so I’ll hopefully have time over the next few days to get them sent out.

No pictures because I only took a couple of crappy random ones of the butternut squash soup I tried to make for dinner. It was OK, but the recipe needs to be tweaked a bit.

Saturday: I attempted to eat pancakes for breakfast and it was relatively painless! My jaw is still bit tender but I MADE IT WORK because pancakes + maple syrup = googly-eyed Jen.IMG_0636

We headed over to the Y for some pool time and Wes seemed to be in better spirits than last week, so Tyler was able to get some quality time in with the little guy.


While Wes took his afternoon nap, I walked the dogs. Since I took them during daylight hours, I went a longer route. I dressed entirely too warm and was a sweaty mess by the time we got back to the house. Please excuse the swollen face in this photo!


I didn’t forget to participate in Shop Small Saturday! I bought some stuff off Etsy that I’ll be sharing once it arrives.

Dinner was another soup. BORING. Don’t get me wrong, soup is dandy, but when it’s the majority of your diet it can get pretty darn blah. Minestrone is one of my favorites though! And broccoli for the extra veggie.


We watched Ant Man once Wes went to bed. Terrible movie in my opinion. At least it helped bring on the zz’s.

Sunday: Lazy, lazy, lazy Sunday. Even though I was up at 7am, it was still a nice slow morning. Other than the walk I took with the dogs, we didn’t leave the house which actually felt pretty darn good. I’m pretty sure if I leave the house at all during this time of the year, it’s a given I’ll spend way too much money and ain’t nobody got time for that.


This guy was a bit of a grump all day so most of our energy was focused on keeping him as happy as possible. IT’S EXHAUSTING! (but fun…most of the time)

Dinner was leftover lasagna which was inhaled in approx. 2 seconds.

Workouts from the weekend

  • Friday: 21 day fix extreme cardio
  • Saturday: 21 day fix extreme dirty 30
  • Sunday: T25 Alpha Cardio

PS: There must have been a recent upgrade to my fitbit app, because it now registers my activity without my prompting it! It somehow knows if I’ve gone for a walk, done a ‘sport’ or aerobic activity and logs the duration, bpm, steps and cals burned. Pretty neat!

17 thoughts on “Weekend At A Glance

  1. We didn’t leave the house much this weekend either… Unfortunately I don’t need to leave the house to spend $$! I did some damage on Black Friday (and steady progress on Cyber Monday). Just so excited I can buy non-maternity clothes again!
    Glad the wisdom teeth are recovered enough for pancakes!!!

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