Random Things Thursday

Hey there, everyone! How are you doing? I’m having a hard time keeping track of what day it is since the holidays always throw me for a loop plus Tyler is home all this week. But I’m glad it’s only Thursday (just had to check the calendar again to make sure) and Wes and I have a few more daysof him home with us.

So, some random stuff to share with you today- hope that’s ok. (They’re actually my favorite kind of posts because I don’t have to sound cohesive at all. Phew!)

I loaded my 2015 Best Nine montage on Instagram. Turns out pregnancy and baby photos are pretty popular. Glad the post-delivery donut made it in there too 😉


Costco now carries a jumbo pack of Honest Co. body wash + shampoo. I’ve already used it on Wes and I can’t believe how soft it makes his skin and hair! I’m jealous and want to use it too. It’s a sweet orange vanilla scent which you can smell straight out of the bottle, but becomes very light and natural smelling once used. So nice since I don’t really want Wes to smell like an orange?


I FINALLY used the Essie Sleek Stick appliqués that I received for Christmas a few years back. They were super easy to apply, but they don’t last too long- I felt like I had to avoid doing certain things so they wouldn’t peel off. But they’re really cute. (I don’t think they make them anymore?)


We headed to the mall yesterday and I scored a couple of Nike running shorts for $10 each! I bought three pairs of these YEARS ago and absolutely love them- but never bought more since I couldn’t justify the regular price tag (hahah I gag writing this because I’ve managed to buy $$$$$$$$ in Lululemon since, but that habit has been kicked. Thank God.) The best part? They don’t ride up when I do cardio- something I have never experienced before. LOVE. And you’re welcome for the grainy crotch shot with the Terminator/Alien poster background.


Of course, I have to throw in some pictures of Wes for good measure. I snapped a pic of him yesterday while he was eating because I think it might be the last gummy smile pic I get before his bottom teeth pop through. Is it bad that I am massively depressed about him getting teeth? I want him to stay a baby forever.

Oh right! I chose a winner of the ookpix giveaway (where WERE you guys? I expected way more entries…next time people…next time!) and the winner was KORI! You need to send me a pic of the canvas once you get it!

And then there’s some recent eats. Nothing fancy because we’ve been pretty lazy.

Before I go, I have to ask for some feedback- MAKEUP REMOVER. What kind do you use?! I’ve always used the bottle of Maybelline remover with a Q-tip, but just tried some Neutrogena wipes and really like how wipes work- but I cut them into 4’s so I can stretch out the package. Anyone have any recommendations on what I should try? Preferably something natural? I’m all ears!

Happy New Year’s Eve!

18 thoughts on “Random Things Thursday

  1. Ooh, I like your nails! Have you tried Jamberry?
    I’m thinking about converting back to running shorts in 2016 after a couple years as a capri devotee. I wish I could find a pair that aren’t QUITE so short. Especially for this year on getting-back-in-shape.

  2. I hear you, I barely know what day it is this week too! I agree Nike running shorts are my favourite too, I used to stock up at outlets in the US (when the dollar didn’t suck!)

  3. I use Norwex clothes for makeup remover. Just wet them and wash your makeup off and throw them in the laundry. I use coconut oil for eye makeup.

    I wish Canadian retailers would carry size 6 Honest diapers. It’s my biggest piss off right now. I can’t justify ordering from the website anymore with the exchange and was so pleased when so many Canadian retailers picked up the brand, but seriously how can they not carry size 6. RAGE!

  4. I alternate between disposable wipes and norwex cloths (they can strip your face a bit so I don’t use them every day). I also have tea tree oil pads from Trader Joes that I love to use once in awhile. And then I have face wash in the shower, but that only gets used when I wash my hair. Basically, I have commitment issues.

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