Forgotten Cookies and a Circuit Workout (because cookies and workouts go together)

You’d think with all this free time I have that I’d be able to keep up with blogging everyday. You’d think.

Yesterday afternoon, Layla started drooling like CRA-ZAY. Tyler thinks her drooling is linked to her butt issue (oh, you don’t know about the butt issue? She starts yelping and getting in downward dog position. Apparently her anal glands fill with fluid, so she has to have them expressed at the vet) so of course, I was on edge all last night about it.


The drooling from yesterday made it inevitable that she would start yelping today, but so far so good (knock on wood).

In light of some butt-talk, I have a cool recipe for ya: Forgotten cookies!


I don’t think you could mess these up if you tried. They’re called forgotten cookies because you can mix the ingredients together, put them in the oven and forget about them!


  • 2 egg whites
  • pinch of salt
  • 2/3 sugar
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • 1 cup chocolate chips
  • 1 cup chopped walnuts (optional)



  1. Preheat oven to 350 and line baking sheets with parchment paper.
  2. In a large bowl, beat the egg whites and salt until they get foamy. Slowly add the sugar (still beating), and continue until the mixture form stiff peaks.
  3. Fold in the vanilla, chocolate chips, and nuts. Spoon onto baking sheets.
  4. Place the cookies in the oven. As soon as your shut the oven door, turn the oven off and leave the cookies in there overnight (or 5-6 hours).


Yesterday, I also got my Glymm Box in the mail.


A couple of goodies: lip gloss, fake eyelashes, $10 gift card, nail polish remover, and $20 off a panty of the month club (umm, no thanks).


Tyler and I are having a date night on Friday, so I’m thinking of slapping those lashes on the ol’ eye curtains. I predict I’ll either look like a drag queen or….a drag queen.

For your entertainment:

The 12 Daze of Christmas (performed by Fay McKay) If you’ve never heard it, you’ll get a chuckle. *and a tree….and a tree…and a treeeeee innn the meaaaadowwwwww*

(Not gonna lie, I’m sitting here staring at my computer trying to think of what to write next. I have nothing else to do except an at home workout that I have yet to write)

Ok, perhaps we should do that! (Give me 5 minutes so I can write it on paper first, then I’ll type it.)

….5 minutes later…

GOT IT. Here’s my workout for the evening that I choose to share with you:

Warm up tabata: alternating between skiiers and jump squats

5 minute AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) of:

  • 10 bicep curls
  • 20 reverse lunges
  • 10 crunches
  • 20 donkey kicks

Cardio tabata: alternatig between jumping jacks and side to side lunges

5 minute AMRAP of:

  • 10 deadlifts
  • 20 overhead press crunch
  • 10 sit-n-stands
  • 20 prone ball glute press

Cardio tabata: alternating between mountain climbers and jump rope

Polish it off with the following at your own pace:

  • 50 single leg stability ball squat (each side)
  • 50 pushups
  • 50 leg lifts

What’s your favorite holiday song? What’s your favorite go-to exercise at home?

Hey, What’s Up.

Hey, what’s up. Some things to share (per usual)

1. Last night, I intended on getting to the gym for a run, but I couldn’t stomach the idea of bundling up and such just to get there. So I opted for an at-home workout. I plugged my iPod touch into the speakers in my office and got right to work.


Whoa, you don’t need to see a picture of me. Sorry about that.


The ladder workout was part of yesterday’s designated workout from Best Body Bootcamp. I thought it was a little too easy (not sure if that means I need to up the weights, or up the reps or what. Or maybe I just wasn’t exhausted from cardio or something. Who knows)

I finished it off with 100 burpees. It felt so good. SO GOOD.

2. I have decided that I am not a huge fan of healthy living blogs. Correction: I think I have healthy living blog overload. Sometimes I am just NOT in the mood to see my twitter feed or google reader full of posts about exercise science or protein-packed meals or incredibly detailed workout regimes. (Am I guilty of that? Sometimes. But I try to keep a good balance of fun, fitness and whatever so that I don’t get myself in too tight of a niche) Plus, I think a lot of bloggers “fake” their lives online. Those pictures of only having one peanut butter cup? Not real. Yet, many readers think it is. And therefore, they feel guilty for consuming the entire bag.

I’m not accusing anyone or whatever, just saying that that information is a little too much for ME sometimes.

3. I tried to start The Happiness Project last night, but I just couldn’t do it. Not my kind of book.



I moved on to The Casual Vacancy. 



4. I am a crafting fiend. I broke out the glitter, glue, and paint last night and really got my christmas on. I’m not done with anything yet, so I have no awesome pictures to share. Plus, I plan on hitting up Michael’s again today, so who knows what’ll happen!

5. My family is cute


6. I have so many gifts to buy! My foodie penpal, my Canada blogger Christmas Swap, another gift for a White Elephant exchange, me… (haha on that last one)

7. I think it’s a Canadian thing to not wear shoes in the house. I hate that. I mean, I get that it prevents a lot of crap from being dragged in, but I have a dog. She drags in a ton of crap already, so what difference does wearing shoes make? None.

8. I will not be going home for Christmas. I am SUPER sad about it. (But at least I can enjoy my holiday decorations with my little family- see above). I am probably going to get comments about this one. Sorry people, I make no $$ and can’t really control the decision. I’ll be back at some point though, because I haven to get my wedding dress fitted.

9. Speaking of weddings, we finally decided on bridesmaids dresses (and their earrings). And I have emailed my coordinator to put together sample bouquets so I can actually SEE what the final product will look like.

10. I really want to have a cookie exchange party, but I don’t think you can really do that when all your friends live like 239572093 miles away- and in another country. Besides, cookies don’t hold up well when they’re stuck in customs.

11. Ok, I am sick of blogging right now. So I’m gonna go craft.

12. I would really love more followers on twitter and Likes on my facebook page. I would bribe you with a giveaway or something, but I can’t afford it. Plus, I don’t have companies giving me free stuff. Sorry. But, if you feel a little warmth in your heart, you’d do it anyways.

Your Turn:

  • What’s your favorite holiday cookie?
  • What’s your favorite holiday decoration?

3 Round Workout

Today, after having a mini meltdown in the cereal aisle at Safeway (thanks for the pep talk, ma!) I decided to get outdoorsy. First up, check out my outfit:


I took Layla downtown to enjoy this one sunny day




Haha yes, I did make her climb those dreaded stairs. She actually refused to go up a few sets, but after much coaxing through the art of the treat-bribery, we made it to the top.


Then, I got my swell on in the front patio.

I did quick sets of strength, cardio and abs (in that order).
Round 1 (done 2x)

    Front lunges with bicep curl
    Weighted squats
    Reverse lunges with hammer curls
    Jumping jacks
    Leg lifts

Round 2 (2x)

    Kettle bell swings
    Overhead press
    Tricep kickbacks
    Jump rope
    Alternating crunches

Round 3 (2x)

    Bicep curl w/overhead press
    Lateral raise
    Weighted alternating cross punch

and there ya have it!

Dinner with my man (announcement tomorrow!)

Fiesta recap

Dudeskiguykidman- yesterday afternoon/evening was fun!

I started with an insanely sweaty at-home workout that left me weak and shaky and just the way I love to feel after I workout.


Sweat= 💗

While I was in the back room getting my groove on (40 minutes of kix followed by a quick n dirty 10 min of strength/cardio intervals and finishing with 10 min of abs), Tyler and Layla were chillin’ like villains. Seriously, the two are like BFFs. I think it’s because he gives her tons of treats, never mind the fact that I’m with her all day and walk her and pet her and feed her and love love love her. But, her affection does come with a price- she now sleeps on top of Tyler at night! Bwahahaha.

(oh, and he bought her this super plush bed at Costco yesterday)


Look at my little family! How adorbs 🙂


After I cooled down and showered, we got to work. ‘work’ meaning eating and drinking. (Insert fist pump here)


Round 1 was mango margaritas.



Accompanied by some grub we prepped earlier


Tyler put together a sour cream/salsa dip while I got to work on some homemade guac. And yes, I can now say I make the best guac ever!!!


Just look at that yummy ooey-gooeyness!!!!

And Tyler’s: super delish!


Round one of margaritas tragically finished super fast, so I shimmied on into the kitchen for round 2: strawberry!


Do I look super disappointed or what.


Round 3 was pineapple ( not the best, but Tyler and I managed to get through them)


It was at that point that we noticed how nice it was outside. Hold the phone…..what?!!! didn’t I wake up in a blizzard? What the hell, Calgary? Ah well, we’ll take it!

(that’s 9am vs. 9pm)

We had stuffed our bellies with way too much dip that we didn’t have our tacos until 10pm! I hear indigestion bells ringing!


They were still good, nonetheless. Best part was, when we both finished, we sat hunched over our plates with one messy hand (we didn’t have napkins and were a little too buzzed to do anything about it for about 10 minutes) I definitely snorted.

So there you have it… Our little tiny at home fiesta. I totally loved it.

And now, it’s a bright and sunny Sunday here in Calgary and I am planning in dragging Tyler out with me for a lovely walk/hike. I have a hunch that many calories need to be burned 😉