3 Round Workout

Today, after having a mini meltdown in the cereal aisle at Safeway (thanks for the pep talk, ma!) I decided to get outdoorsy. First up, check out my outfit:


I took Layla downtown to enjoy this one sunny day




Haha yes, I did make her climb those dreaded stairs. She actually refused to go up a few sets, but after much coaxing through the art of the treat-bribery, we made it to the top.


Then, I got my swell on in the front patio.

I did quick sets of strength, cardio and abs (in that order).
Round 1 (done 2x)

    Front lunges with bicep curl
    Weighted squats
    Reverse lunges with hammer curls
    Jumping jacks
    Leg lifts

Round 2 (2x)

    Kettle bell swings
    Overhead press
    Tricep kickbacks
    Jump rope
    Alternating crunches

Round 3 (2x)

    Bicep curl w/overhead press
    Lateral raise
    Weighted alternating cross punch

and there ya have it!

Dinner with my man (announcement tomorrow!)

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