Hey, What’s Up.

Hey, what’s up. Some things to share (per usual)

1. Last night, I intended on getting to the gym for a run, but I couldn’t stomach the idea of bundling up and such just to get there. So I opted for an at-home workout. I plugged my iPod touch into the speakers in my office and got right to work.


Whoa, you don’t need to see a picture of me. Sorry about that.


The ladder workout was part of yesterday’s designated workout from Best Body Bootcamp. I thought it was a little too easy (not sure if that means I need to up the weights, or up the reps or what. Or maybe I just wasn’t exhausted from cardio or something. Who knows)

I finished it off with 100 burpees. It felt so good. SO GOOD.

2. I have decided that I am not a huge fan of healthy living blogs. Correction: I think I have healthy living blog overload. Sometimes I am just NOT in the mood to see my twitter feed or google reader full of posts about exercise science or protein-packed meals or incredibly detailed workout regimes. (Am I guilty of that? Sometimes. But I try to keep a good balance of fun, fitness and whatever so that I don’t get myself in too tight of a niche) Plus, I think a lot of bloggers “fake” their lives online. Those pictures of only having one peanut butter cup? Not real. Yet, many readers think it is. And therefore, they feel guilty for consuming the entire bag.

I’m not accusing anyone or whatever, just saying that that information is a little too much for ME sometimes.

3. I tried to start The Happiness Project last night, but I just couldn’t do it. Not my kind of book.



I moved on to The Casual Vacancy. 



4. I am a crafting fiend. I broke out the glitter, glue, and paint last night and really got my christmas on. I’m not done with anything yet, so I have no awesome pictures to share. Plus, I plan on hitting up Michael’s again today, so who knows what’ll happen!

5. My family is cute


6. I have so many gifts to buy! My foodie penpal, my Canada blogger Christmas Swap, another gift for a White Elephant exchange, me… (haha on that last one)

7. I think it’s a Canadian thing to not wear shoes in the house. I hate that. I mean, I get that it prevents a lot of crap from being dragged in, but I have a dog. She drags in a ton of crap already, so what difference does wearing shoes make? None.

8. I will not be going home for Christmas. I am SUPER sad about it. (But at least I can enjoy my holiday decorations with my little family- see above). I am probably going to get comments about this one. Sorry people, I make no $$ and can’t really control the decision. I’ll be back at some point though, because I haven to get my wedding dress fitted.

9. Speaking of weddings, we finally decided on bridesmaids dresses (and their earrings). And I have emailed my coordinator to put together sample bouquets so I can actually SEE what the final product will look like.

10. I really want to have a cookie exchange party, but I don’t think you can really do that when all your friends live like 239572093 miles away- and in another country. Besides, cookies don’t hold up well when they’re stuck in customs.

11. Ok, I am sick of blogging right now. So I’m gonna go craft.

12. I would really love more followers on twitter and Likes on my facebook page. I would bribe you with a giveaway or something, but I can’t afford it. Plus, I don’t have companies giving me free stuff. Sorry. But, if you feel a little warmth in your heart, you’d do it anyways.

Your Turn:

  • What’s your favorite holiday cookie?
  • What’s your favorite holiday decoration?

21 thoughts on “Hey, What’s Up.

  1. You family is cute. Looks like a great workout!! I hear ya on going outside for a workout, the basement always wins for me! I sorta love burpees! 🙂

  2. I love cookies exchanges! So much fun! And all the delicious cookies…….
    I bundled up to go outside for a run yesterday but i MAY have complained about it 😉

  3. Yeah I’ve started unfollowing a lot of HLBs because of the same reason you’re in overload. No one can or should be that good all the time. I like cake and that’s all there is to it.
    I also would like to do a cookie exchange.
    And now I want cookies AND cake.

  4. I so agree about the healthy “living” blogs. I used to spend so much time following them and have now started unsubscribing to a lot of the “bigger name” ones. I just want to read about the regular people.

  5. Hello! I just happened across your blog from Chelsea’s 7 Things post. I definitely agree with you on the healthy living blogs; not only do some of them not seem realistic, but you can also fall into that silly comparison trap. Yuck.

    By the way, how is J.K. Rowling’s book?

  6. I’m finding the happiness project a slow read too (been reading chapters in between other books) how’s the casual vacancy….not sure if I like rowling as an author, or just liked harry potter

  7. I agree about the healthy living blogs! I always feel upset because I eat more than one little square of dark chocolate as a treat or dessert and think I eat like 10x more than everybody else and am always hungry or not working out twice or day or whatever. It’s exhausting.

  8. Just found your blog via Alison and Leigh!

    I just spent 3 weeks in Phoenix and I agree that it must be an American thing to wear your shoes in the house!! I say if you want to wear your shoes in the house then go for it! 🙂

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