Top three things that…

Top the things that are currently bothering me about Canada:
1) no trader joe’s
2) the intense dryness gives you crazy lots of boogers.
3) the prices of eeeverything.

**there’s an honorary 4th that should go without mentioning, and that is being jobless. Don’t get me wrong, I loooove getting in daytime workouts and cooking meals for my man, but woof, unemployment comes with a really low paycheck (i.e.: $0).

Which leads me to tonight’s dinner.

This was made:


While wearing this:


Oof, I cringe. BUT it was mucho comfy.

I will leave you on a good note with this adorns lil’ muchacha…

Awwww babyluvvv

Woke up and…

Woke up and the first thing I said was “rabbit rabbit.” it supposed to be good luck. Tyler probably thought I was talking in my sleep. Very well then; I’ll have a good month anyways.

Aight aight, so 6am wake up, rabbit rabbitted, made some crazy delish hazelnut coffee, a bfast sandy for Ty to take on the go, pills and breaky for the pup, then ma (me) gets her egg white oats and a huge*ss glass-o-agua. Done. Delish. Digest.

Watched the DVR’d episode of last nights Revenge then got my rear to the gym. (Here’s where I’ll sidebar: since I just moved to this grand ol land of maple lovin folk, I decided I’d bounce from gym to gym and use up as many free trials as I could before committing some dinero towards a contract. This week’s gym? Women only. Hmm, not optimal, but way doable when free. Especially when half the battle is adjusting to this gosh dang altitude). I decided to double it up this AM and took Body Blast (taught by a major she-devil) and Cardio/Pump Interval. I am thoroughly whooped. WHOOPED. (another sidebar: I said last night that I did a 30 min at home workout, but I lied. I ended up going to Cardio Tone at the last minute. As Julia Roberts once said, “Big mistake. Huge.” It was basically a 60 minute nap with weights. I refuse to divulge any more details.)

Came home and made this bitch-*ss of a lunch:

Basmati rice that was leftover from dins the other night, topped with sautéed spinach, tomaters (no typo there), and egg whites. Small side of toasted leftover cornbread (made with Greek yogurt, yo!) chuggy-chugged a bajillionty gallons of H2O, then made a few of these biznatches:

Espresso protein nug-balls (I’m coining that term. Gimme a shout out if you ever use it)

I’m off to showah and hit Safeway to get some eats for din-din. (holy balls is food expensive up here! $&@!&@)

Leap day dins

Mmk lemme show you this picture. It’s ok I’ll wait and let you wipe your drool.


Yup. Took about five minutes to make and I’m pretty sure my boyfriend loves me a little bit more because of it. I’d let him kiss me, but dude, there was a lotta garlic.

No recipe guidelines; all I did was sauté mushies, cherry tomatoes, spinach, garlic, olive oil, s&p, and basil; cool the gnocchi as instructed; and mix the two. Boom. Dinner is served.

Footnote: today’s sweat sesh included week 3 of Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30 DVD and another 30 minute self-invented-at-home-no-equipment workout that was bomb diggity.

Ps: does nonstop dog drool wiping count as a workout? I think it should.