Things are happening..

Things are happening, my friends. I went to the Crowfoot YMCA (conveniently located only a stone’s throw away. I have a long throw, but still, it’s close. like right around the corner close). I had a chitty-chat-chat with the Fitness Director and Group Fitness Director and they are interested in having me teach/train! 1-800-I-AM-STOKED. Here I come free membership! Plus, there are some things I’d really like to do that I have yet to see in some of the classes I have taken here so far. Wahooo! Let’s hope that stint I pulled that got me in the back of a cop car at age 16 doesn’t hold me back. Better yet, let’s hope that the Calgary police aren’t that thorough. I was a minor, anyways, so technically it never happened.

I was so pumped from those mini-meetings, so I really went all out at the spin class I took immediately after. (The Group Fitness Director even signed me up to get certified as a Spin Instructor in June! Seriously guys, I’m getting tons of gold stars today). One note about that class, however: they kept the lights on. I could totally make a sex related joke re: the lights, but I’m a lady. I’ll let you come up with it on your own.

I had done my protein oats for breaky this AM (see poo-looking bowl of oats from a previous post), then munched on these bad Larrys:

Stop.the.presses. These were DIVINE. Tyler wanted to buy a ginorm carton of them at Costco last week, and I was thinking oh-no-sir-those-will-never-get-eaten-what-a-typical-guy-move, but he was on P.O.I.N.T. I scarfed them so fast. Probably frightened the dog just a teensy bit.

As a reconciliation, I went out and got her some goodies. We’re talkin’ the Louis Vuitton of goodies:

If only girlfraaan’ new how many G’s I dropped on these puppies (pun intended). Ok, not G’s, but maybe 1/356th of a G. Still.

She’s all, ‘mama, pleeeeeeease”

So I caved.

Baby girl loves balls. Like mother, like….Oh god, did I really go there?

Here’s her brilly (read: brilliant) model pose. I’m submitting this to Canadian Dog. I don’t think such a publication exists, but it should.

I have a couple -slightly less hairy- pics for you…They’re of me! (I said SLIGHTLY less hairy. I have low readership, but now it’s probably even lower. Way to go me!)
Post workout:

I think it’s standard that a terrible face should be made in any picture taken post workout. So there ya go.
I do, however, clean up pretty decent. I mean, I’m no Jennifer Aniston, but we share the same first name, so at least I’m halfway there. This is from date night last friday:

Did I say that terrible pictures are standard post workout? Apparently, they are just across the board standard for me. sigh.

Anyone remember that episode of SATC when Miranda baked that chocolate cake and kept going back to the kitchen for a slice, then she tossed it, THEN SHE ATE MORE FROM THE TRASH???

Well, I’m not THAT bad, but I did have repeat visits to the kitchen last night for my love turds (brownies). It was OK last night, since sweets are calorie-free on Sundays, but I’m having a hard time preventing myself from breaking out the knife today for more..anyone have this problem???

Big things, you guys. Big things.

Big things, you guys. Big things.

1.)  Live! With Kelly is coming to Banff in April. See my header photo? That’s Banff. I practically live there. And since she tapes LIVE (the title gives it away, I think) AND since my days are free for the most part, I’mma try to score some tix! How awesome is that? Plus, I could hit up Saltlik again and get me a nice hunk o’ meat. (Not a bo-hunk of the oily variety, but an actual cut of filet mignon. Hard to tell the difference, so I thought I’d clarify).

2.)  RIP belly button ring (2003-2012). I have decided that I’m grown-up enough to get rid of my rebellious and youthful body art statement piece. Now if only tattoo removal was as painless and inexpensive…

3.)  I finally found that avocado I lost in my car. Good thing this blog is sans smell-o-vision. 

I find three points to be sufficient for a Monday morning post. Let me get my *ss in gear and I’ll check in later in the day with more awesome things.

 And by getting in gear, I mean buy dog food and foil and thaw a hunk of ground beef. Sa-weet.