Paint Party

It took a bag of Skittles for Tyler to get me out of bed today. I just felt like a ton of bricks. Throw a bag of candy at my face, and BAM, I’m up. We DID stay up till the wee hours last night to watch the entire first season of The Walking Dead. And I DID manage to have nightmares all night, so I used the morning daylight to catch some zz’s.

Tyler had gone back to the HD (home depot) to get gallons of paint, so I put my paint clothes on and helped him get to work.

And my paint clothes, I meant the T-shirt I wore to bed and the only pair of shorts I managed to bring with me to Canada. #AmericanFail.

We started with the dining room. Hooray! We got to FINALLY take down these ugly things:

I am pretty sure they’re both junk (left by the previous owners) but about 3% of me believes they could be the masterpieces of this guy. Am I right or am I right??!

I was in charge of the roller because I said I was going to be in charge of the roller. Cut to 30 minutes later, and you’ve got this:

We will have to do another coat since that existing brown was so dangĀ brown.

In another part of the world…

Athena tagged me as one of the things she’s loving for March! She also used the most flattering picture of me (*cough, cough*) You should probably check out her site, too.

Plus, she’s hosting a giveaway (hint: it’s CHOCOLATE) so you should leave a comment on this post to enter!


  • Only a few more pages of Catching Fire to go and it’s on to the third book in The Hunger Games series!


What’s something you are looking forward to this week?

For me, it’s getting my hair done tomorrow, and getting in some really good workouts!