Phew, I’m tired. Are you? Zzzz…

Ok I guess busy was an understatement. After my early morning gum session/desperate housewives/breakfast this morning, I showered, then was on hold for 30 minutes on two different phone calls. One to pay some insurance crap, and the other to schedule a few medical appointments for my immigration paperwork. Talk about a gross waste of time.

I did, however, make use of this wait time by straightening my hair and doing my makeup. So I guess it wasn’t a total waste.

First stop after that speed bump was the library! Look who got herself a library card!


I even checked out a real live book


They offer eBooks, and I already have a few on hold. Not gonna lie, I’m excited. Free>not free.

Next stop: photographer. I needed some quality shots for my PR application. Did they turn out? Let’s just say they meet the qualifications.

Then, Hallmark. Got a few cards and become a rewards member. Free cards and cash back never hurt anyone.


By then, I had worked up an appetite (AM workouts really rev the metabolism!) and I threw together a real good bowl of deliciousness.


I mixed some of the leftover stir fry with some scrambled eggs and topped with black beans and salsa. Tummy= satisfied.

I took Layla in my next round of tasks. Only because she was involved in one of them: nail clipping. I took her to The Paw Spa. She was in and out in less than 5 minutes and they did a great job. Layla was a little freaked, but when is she not.

Then, we went around the corner to mail some of the cards purchased earlier in the day, and around another corner to the used sports store for these babies:


Phew, I’m just tired typing about my day! When we got home, I took care of some laundry, then cozied up to the first 100 pages of my book.


I wasn’t planning on reading that much, but a line from the first page got me hooked:


You’d keep reading too, if you saw that line.

Dinner was a bowl of oats with walnuts, chopped medjool dates, a heap of pumpkin ad pumpkin pie spice.

It hit the spot.

I made Tyler a hodge podge dinner (hodge podge= delicious but ridiculously easy to make), and he spent some time in his office. I don’t know what he was doing, but I heard techno/electronic music coming from that direction. I didn’t bother asking.

We just finished Underworld and are rounding out the evening with an episode of Top Gear

I’m about to run into a dilemma and I am not sure how to approach the situation. Backstory: I have been reading my eBooks on night mode in bed so that Tyler can sleep while I read at all hours of the night. Now, I have a real book. Flashlight under the covers, or put the bedside lamp on the floor and lay halfway over the bed so it won’t disturb the man? And no, I’m not going in another room.


Busy bee.. And a great workout!

Unlike Garfield, I am loving this Monday


I made a To Do list for myself (and one for Tyler, haha) and the first thing on my list was a workout. Here’s what it looked like:

10 minute HIIT elliptical warm up

10 left leg front lunges
10 right leg front lunges
10 squats
10 plié squats
(these ate all done holding 10 pound weights. Do this 4x through)

2 minute jump rope

10 bicep curls
10 tricep extensions
10 hammer curls
10 tricep extensions
(again, 10 pound weights and done 4x through)

2 minute jump rope

Donkey kick series left leg
(10 kickbacks, 10 top taps, 10 crossover kickbacks, 10 wide toe taps)
10 froggers
Donkey kick series right leg
10 froggers

2 minute jumping jacks

10 leg lifts
10 crunches
(4x through)

10 skiers
10 mountain climbers
(4x through)

Plank series
(30 seconds each side and 60 in the middle)

20 minute cycle HIIT


Breakfast was a chocolate strawberry protein bowl. I mixed chocolate protein powder, fresh strawberries, almond milk and ice in the blender and topped with a cup of Honey Nut Cheerios


Now onto that pot of coffee….

Lots more to do today! I was going to cross ‘walk with Layla’ off my list next, but she seems to be oh-so-comfortably sleeping. And by comfortable I mean holy crap that looks painful.


Weekend recap

Hi! Life has been in the way of blogging, so I hope you’ll pardon the absence.

Tyler came home with a surprise on Friday:


The game takes pics of you while you are playing, and we got some GOOD ones… Now I just have to figure out how to retrieve them so I can share on here! You’ll laugh. You’ll want Tyler and I to be the couple you hang out with. The fun couple.

After, we consumed a butt-ton of tacos and terrible beer

(I bought it because it had a tag on it saying it was one of the store’s favorites. The verdict: barf)

Layla indulged in a big ol’ treat


As I was attempting to take the above picture, this happened


She’s a sneaky sneaky!

Yesterday we feasted on French toast


Then drove to see the Foothills Dream home


There’s a raffle here in Calgary for the local hospital and the grand prize is this dream home. When we got to the area, we had to park then wait for a shuttle to take us to the home. Omg it was gorgeous! I just want the master suite and the entertainment room and I’d be happy! Please check out the link I provided so you can see pics of the inside- it really is drool worthy.

After we were humbled by that huge house, we headed to Five Guys (Tyler’s never had it!) and once again feasted


Fast forward a bunch of hours (consumed with napping) and we decided to take a family walk to Safeway to get something for the BBQ (yes, all we do is eat in this household)
On the way home, Layla tugged a little too hard and my ankle got trapped in a little hole in the sidewalk and I bing-bang-bamboozled (also known as twisted) my ankle. Ugh, I have had too many problems with my feet in my life (twice broken foot and 25686433548383 sprains ad strains). Bad dog, Layla, bad dog.


We had hot dogs and grilled corn on the cob. No pic because I ate it too fast. Caesars on the side


Today has been filled with cleaning, immigration paperwork and a hop/walk with Layla. My belly is recovering from yesterday, so no food to recount from today….yet 😉

I had to take another day off from working out today because of the ankle. It’s been really hard on me trying to keep the same standard of workouts that I had while in Boston. I have put on weight and have just been overall down about the whole ordeal. Tyler does his awesome duty as my man by telling me not to worry and I’m beautiful and all that, but I can’t help but feel guilty for not keeping my bootay in shape! I am taking the rest of the day to enjoy with my wonderful man, then it’s back to the grind tomorrow some serious sweat sessions!

Get this party (not really a party) started

Kabobs for dinner last night



Ran errands LIKE A BOSS



Layla’s fat and happy



The lady of the house (me) is making tacos for dinnah



Man of the house (Tyler) is bringing home the booze (literally) and the bacon (figuratively)



Let’s get this Friday started
thank Jesus I sweat my badonkadonk off today at the gym!

Things I’m loving

Today has been B to the USY! I spent a ton of time trying to complete an application for the immigration office, then when it came time to pay, their server was down so I had to go to the bank, have them issue me a receipt of payment, scan it to my computer and upload that in addition to the application. They are just trying to make this as difficult as possible for me!!

I got my credit card today! Ok, it’s really Tyler’s, but I got a copy with my name on it. HOLLA!

I bought more dog food, and a special pack of treats for Layla…they’re locally made!


I also finally stopped in Cobs Bread and got a loaf of Chia Whole Wheat Bread.


Grocery store for the essentials.

And I still have to finish the laundry, clean the kitchen, cook dinner and get to the gym.
Text conversation with mom this morning sums it up:


Let’s move on to things I’m loving this week:


Follow me @nutcaseinpoint !!!

2) Walks with Layla all around Calgary


3) My left ring finger.

4) Weighted Split Squats.



5) Benefit ultra shine lip gloss in nookie-nookie (thanks, Kysh!)


6) This commercial
Haha, honestly I can’t stop laughing at it. Please clink on the link to watch it. Maybe I’m on a guac n sals high, but it’s funny.

7) Saying “Boom Shakalaka” for no apparent reason.

What are you guys loving this week?