I miss Trader Joe’s!

I miss Trader Joe’s! And Whole Foods! Ah, the misery! As I was getting in my car to go hit Safeway around the corner, I took a 6 km (Tyler adjusted my GPS to read kilometers instead of miles. you can do the conversion if you wish) detour to Planet Organic Market to see how it compared to my long lost loves.

Obviously, I didn’t leave empty handed. I got a some almond milk, nutritional yeast, peppermint tea, Snapea Crisps, almond cashew butter, and three Vega protein smoothies. <–I’m really excited to try these smoothies, I’ve heard so much about the company (all positives!) and have had a hard time finding them! Score!

THEN, I managed to get back to Safeway to buy the intended taco fixings. Tacos turned to taco salads when I somehow bought a bag of blue corn tortilla chips. Don’t know how that happened.

I managed to eat about half of all that. Phew. Peppermint tea to the rescue!

On another note, when I got home, Layla seemed to be drooling excessively. Like, running faucet. It won’t stop. I think it’s because she’s recently come across rubber chewing toys. I’m really hoping it’s not the new pills she’s on. She’s not flinching when I try to touch her teeth or gums….guess we’ll have to play the waiting game on that one. Anyone have this problem with their dogs before? Lil help here!

Off to watch The River (terrible show, but I have to see how the season ends) and get crackin’ on Catching Fire!