Canada For The Win…today.

I promised you last night’s workout, so here it is..

12 minute tabata (the gym was cray cray packed and I needed cardio like whoa)

  • incorporated up/downs, jump rope, heel taps

Upper body combo

  • 12 bicep curls
  • 12 side raises
  • 12 hammer curls
  • 12 front raises
  • 12 open bicep curls
  • 12 overhead press
  • 12 standing fly
  • 12 bicep curl to overhead press

12 minute tabata (gym was still packed and I needed more cardio)

  • incorporated jumping jacks, high knees, alternating front kicks and mountain climbers

Lower body combo

  • Weighted front lunges
  • weighted squats
  • kettlebell swings
  • pliet squat
  • curtsy lunge w/high knees

8 minute tabata

  • incorporated jogging in place, plank jumps, more jacks

Mat work

  • Russian twists
  • V ups
  • Side pushup
  • Side leg lifts
  • Crunches
  • Crunches with weighted oblique twist
  • Weighted toe touches

It was a quick, sweaty an effective workout. My shoulders and glutes feel it!


Today has been filled with a whole lot of nothing. I discovered that Layla sniffed the paint while it was still wet (trying to get high?)

I converted my weather to Celsius just to see what the “Canadian Way of Temperature Gaging” was

I could have guessed it on my own, since the only thing I know is 32F=0C, but I thought I’d show you the rest of the forecast as well. Not as bad as you think. These people use Celsius to make it look like they’re suffering more than they really are. I will, however, mention my desire to still be in Boston right about now. It’s like a buttload hotter. For March.

*I hate hate HATE talking about the weather, so you see how eventful today is for me to even bring that up.

Also, the ‘Rogers’ on the top left of that shot does not mean I stole a phone from a guy named Roger. It’s the cell provider here. But I like to think I was badass and stole a phone from a Roger.

I took Layla for a walk. Nothing interesting there, either. It was gorgeous out. And I let the neighborhood see my blonde pom pom. Sadie put in layers, but it wasn’t until I washed and let it air dry (curly= gross) that I realized how much was gone!

Yesterday’s fake mac was NOT a success, so I am hoping to win Tyler back with sawwwwseeeeeeege tonight. Haha, there’s a joke in there, but per usche, I’ll let you think of it on your own.

Let. me. Vent. —>

I paid way too many bills last night/today and have way too little money. The scientific calculation there suggests that that shit is not cool. I had a minor¬†major panic attack last night. You have no idea what it’s like to be in my shoes! I cannot elaborate further because I am a terrible writer, plus I don’t want to get worked up again. I didn’t sleep a wink because of it (On the plus side of that, I read a LOT of Mockingjay to fill the void) Another plus: I did manage to save $471 for my health coverage for the month of April, so there. And a big tongue-sticky-outie face to you, AMERICA. And a thumbs up to you, CANADA. Ahhhh sigh.

Don’t fret, this isn’t a Woe is Me post, there are more optimistic things!

  • My digital free copy of Women’s Health was in my inbox this AM. (did you see all the effects I added to the word ‘free’? I have to rely on anything that comes in that form now. Free advice; free friends; free time. If you have anything free, feel free¬†–pun intended– to send it my way – I’ll totally give you my address. Mmm-kay, thanks.)
  • I did laundry! (Dad, pick mom off the floor. I know, it’s a shocker. Tyler and I have an agreement that he’ll do the ironing though)

Ok, it looks like three is not the magical number for that list, but two is better than none.

Best thing you did today?

Then and Now

Then: I drank this beer

Now: I drink this beer

Then: I wore short spandies

Now: I wear long spandies

Then: I had either super brown or super blonde hair

Now: A happy medium

Then: I was friends with this gal
we are cute
Now: She’s still my bestie

I had made a lot of bad decisions over time, but that last one’s the best one. Happy birthday Kysha (Ok fine, Kristin)!