Errand day

We had a selection of three different kinds of beers last night. First up, Coors Light Iced Tea. No, I didn’t stutter. Coors Light + Iced Tea + extra cold = delicious.

Tyler and I shared a few of those, then we went in to have our own beers. He had Heineken

And I tried Granville Island Brewery’s Cypress Honey Lager. I had never had it before ( another Canadian beer- from Vancouver) and it didn’t disappoint. I think my new favorite type of beer is the lager, and the hint of honey in this brew was just what I needed to easily suck down a few 😉


All in all, last night was fun and relaxing!

This morning, I tried something new in my bowl of oats. Instead of cooking them with unsweetened almond milk, I used chocolate almond milk (and obviously topped with a generous serving of almond butter.)


Lots of errands were on tap for today. It started with a trip to the pet store to get Layla a new ID tag.

Tyler and I were amazed that her name and info were lasered in there. We must’ve looked like geeks because we almost had our noses pressed to the glass while we were watching it get done. The end result ( I’m not showing you the back, I don’t want y’all to know my address!)


Second stop, Costco. No shopping was to be had- just had to run in and get my very own card!

I’m an executive member, haha sweet.

Starbucks was next in the order of operations. I was feeling all loosy-goosey and ordered something other than my usual black coffee.

I got a tall mocha light frappuccino…and you know what? I liked it.

Weird thing: Starbucks in Canada doesn’t offer iced coffee in the colder months. Umm, excuuuse me? It could be a blizzard outside and I’d still prefer a cold brew. I asked the barista today about it and she said it should be available next week. We shall see about that!

Last stop: the mall (dun dun dun- hate going to the mall on Saturdays. For starters, it takes 4 1/2 years to find a parking spot, then everyone in there has about 15 children in tow who are either screaming their toothless faces off, or trying to dodge their poor parents grasp- resulting in them crashing in to me). Tyler surprised me with getting me this little gem

Coincidentally, I had bookmarked this exact tank a few days ago when I saw it on a Lululemon blog.

I love my Lululemon
..almost more than breathing.

More fun things are to be done today- I’ll check back soon!

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