Getting the ball rolling

Well, last night ended terribly. I committed a crime, a very bad crime. I weighed myself at the end of the day- at the end of a holiday weekend. The verdict? You don’t want to know. Ugh, I was so mad at myself. Hated myself even.

You’d think after 25 years I’d have learned to enjoy food and fitness in balance. But every once in a while- it takes a mean turn and I cry myself to sleep over a stupid number on a stupid scale.

After a huge sobfest and a good nights sleep, I started today with a clean slate. Breakfast was a bowl of oats w/honey, almond milk, almond butter, raisins and toasted coconut.


Today’s workout included a 3 mile run- the first ever since moving to 3500 ft altitude. I think I did pretty good

Sub-10 min miles. I’ll take it, thankya. And the route I took was hilly. Another high five for me.

I listened to a new playlist for my run- it’s a weird mix of genres and old/new stuff, but it hit the spot for a run today!
Oh, and Nicki Minaj’s new CD? Fantastic. She does a lot of the rap that she’s known for, but here and there she actually sings and she has a great voice. And great lyrics. And great featuring artists. Most of the songs talk about b*tches and d*ck, though. Hell, one song’s even titled Come on A Cone. For serious. But I really like the music- I’ll just have to watch my potty mouth for a bit 😉

My heart was a-thumpin’ by the time I got home. Theeeen, I did a quick at home circuit that consisted of

    Squats with alternating front kicks
    Side lunges with high knee
    Side plank dips
    Mountain climbers
    Jumping jacks
    Side crunches
    Jump rope


15 minutes of those moves, and I broke my second sweat of the day. Very pleased with my workout on day 1 of post-scale horror.

Lunch was a smoothie with an interesting list of ingredients.

It included: 1 frozen banana, 2 handfuls spinach, orange juice, frozen raspberries, Oikos Greek yogurt, and 2 medjool dates. Totally delicious.


Dinner was quickly and easy- another round of healthy chicken tenders with broccoli and spinach citrus couscous.

Dessert was an orange.

I finally got around to trying out another way to get hard cooked eggs. Rather than boiling them, I baked them!

In the oven they went at 325 for 30 minutes, then I plunged them in ice water to stop them from cooking. They actually turned out! I’ll be eating them over the next few days! Yum.

Super Sunday

Per usual, I woke up at asscrack on Sunday. And again, per usual, the dog has raided the bed. For serious, the dang dog rules the roost. I almost lost an eye with this in my face:

Oh wait, you don’t see the danger in that picture? Lemme zoom out a bit and you’ll see what I mean..

Scary paw inmyface. Grr.

Moving on. We had out Easter brunch at Canada Olympic Park. Remember- this place:

I filled up on fruit and eggs to get some healthy into my not-so healthy Easter.

Then came this plate. I don’t wanna talk about it


After we scarfed brunch, we headed over to the Calgary Zoo. Dude, there were tons of animals. I was gasping left and right because, well, large hairy animals up close and personal are kinda awesome. Enjoy the following pics















Oh wait, that’s us.

And that’s a dinosaur. (to my fellow Americans: no that’s not a real dinosaur. They don’t exist in Canada either. Wah wah)




Haha, I ate one of them the night before!

To clarify: that’s a Grizzly Bear butt.

Since the penguin exhibit was new, we had to wait in line for about an hour to see them. It was cool though, one ended up splashing us- that’s how close we got. Our total tour of the zoo took about 3 1/2 hours- a nice long walk to diffuse the monsterous brunch from earlier.

When we got home, we watched the 6th Harry Potter movie (argh, enough already!) and had Easter dinner with Joe, Twyla and her brother. I forgot to take pics of the food (I’m sure it just creeps people out anyway. Tyler is used to it by now) and I threw together these for dessert

They’re homemade honey cupcakes with buttercream icing, toasted coconut and Cadbury mini eggs.

I seriously need to go on a diet now.

Our date at Brewster’s

Tyler and I had rounded out our errand-filled Saturday with dinner and drinks at Brewster’s which was right around the corner from home. We wanted to make it a nice, long experience with different foods and beers! We started with beers (only made sense).

Tyler had the River City Raspberry Wheat Ale and I had the Strawberry Blonde Ale. I liked mine

We enjoyed these with the Lobster ad Artichoke Dip

‘But Jen, you done eat seafood!’ you say. Ah, this is true. BUT, alcohol altered my decision and artichoke has my heart..

Next, we split a sample tray. We were able to choose 5 beers and we got a 5 oz. sample of each.

We started with the Flying Frog Lager.

Since I recently have fallen for lagers, I thought this would be great, but Tyler and I agreed it fell short of expectations. (plus, we were coming off our high from the delicious first round).

Next, the Farmer’s Tan White Ale

This was similar to a Blue Moon, but a little lighter in flavor. We both thought it was good.

Third up: the Original lager.

Nope. We didn’t like. Too bitter. Too hoppy. Too not hitting the spot.

Next, Blackfoot Blueberry Wheat Ale. Similar to the raspberry, it had medium body with a sweet finish. We liked.


Last stop: the Hefeweizen.

We both liked this beer. It was light and had a pleasant finish. Once we finished the tray, Tyler decided to have another Hefeweizen, while I opted for the raspberry ale. Perfect to go with the burgers we ordered.




That’s no ordinary burger, my friends. That’s a BISON burger. I’ve never had bison before, and since I was feeling all ballsy, I went for it. And the verdict? Loved. Will definitely be ordering that again. Mmm.

We rounded out the evening with the 5th Harry Potter movie, a Strongbow

And some candles that took 2 screwdrivers and some serious elbow grease to light. Thanks a lot, Ikea.


Great dinner.
Great drinks.
Great movie (for the fifth time. There’s seriously 8 of them?! Oy vey)
Great company.
Great night.