Bright and sunny Monday

Don’t worry, everyone- I’ll post about this past weekend soon! There’s just so much to show and tell and I’ve yet to have the time to get it all together! In the mean time, I can show you some other pics:

I made some healthy strawberry scones for breakfast

Te recipe can be found here. I didn’t make the yogurt sauce, nor did I do the egg wash or sugar on top, and I used applesauce instead of oil. The verdict: delicious!

I went to the jeweler to visit my diamond this morning! The ring Tyler gave me this weekend is not the real thing (he wanted to make sure I liked it before he had the real diamond placed in the setting) so I went to check it out, get sized, and give the OK to put my real one together!

I took Layla in the car with me because it’s beautiful outside and we went downtown to walk along the river.




We walked across the new bridge (one of many bridges we crossed today)


Then we looped around, crossed another bridge, and went up a hill. Here is a view of the bridge- and you can see just how far we walked!


Back by the river, my embarrassment of a dog decided to go in the water, lay in it, and not come out. People were laughing. Other dogs were behaving. I was mortified.



I got real sketchy back at the parking lot because I saw a group of girls doing my favoritist thing ever: planks. If I didn’t have Layla with me, I would have joined them! (Athena, I thought of you!)


I’m now burnt, I have cleaned the house, and friends are on their way over for a gumbo dinner!

See ya later!