It snowed

Hi there, hi there!

I may be a little absent over the next few days- I have a YMCA certification course that runs Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 8:30-5.


Why, you ask? Because it’s gonna get me one step closer to being able to get back into teaching group fitness and personal training! I got all the certs in the states, but once I moved, it’s like they don’t exist and I have to start all over again from square one. (wah wuh).

I may check in at the end of each day and recap things I’ve learned (if they’re interesting…).

A couple quick pics from the rest of the day:

after lunch snack of a toasted English muffin with almond butter and apple cranberry butter and a half banana

dinner: salad with 2 pieces of pizza

As soon as Layla and I got back from our walk, it snowed. And snowed. This pic is taken from inside the front balcony at 8:30pm. PEE-EM people. It’s light out there!

K I’m off to bed.. Tomorrow is almost going to be like a real work day… Except I get to wear stretchy pants. And I’ll have fun. OooOo burn.

The Golden Workout

I had a terrible dream last night that I was being chased by people with guns and knives and bombs and they wanted to kill me. I’ve had the exact same dream before- it took place on a street I used to live on, and I just could seem to ever run fast enough. Then, I have the thought in my dream where I know it’s a dream, but my mind can’t get it to stop. Perhaps that’s why I had a terrible night sleep. That, and the fact that I kept getting tangled in the damn sheets. They’re too big for the bed. And between Tyler and a squirmy dog and me- well, it gets ugly.

Breakfast this morning was chocolate almond butter oats

Nothing super special, but they keep me full for a long while. Doesn’t hurt that it tastes great.

Layla and I went for a walk afterwards. 4miles (6.5ish km)
I tried Skyping my mom while we were walking, but the dog was pulling me too much and Canada’s reception sucks so I kept freezing. But it was a funny try.

Little bit of snots

Great view (my favorite pic from our walk)

Im about to grab a bowl of leftover chili for lunch. This is a pic I took of the chili from last night

Pretty dang delicious, if you ask me.

Once this bowl of yum yum digests, it’s off to the gym for this workout:

The Golden Workout

(because everything is done in sets of 50)

10 minute warmup

50 squats (weighted)

50 jumping jacks

50 lunges (weighted)

50 jumping jacks

50 pushups (take breaks if necessary- as long as you get to 50)

50 jumping jacks

50 leg lifts

50 jumping jacks

50 hip raises (weighted)

50 jumping jacks

50 side crunch pushups (25 each side)

50 jumping jacks

1 min plank

10 min cool down


That, plus a long, hilly walk should suffice for physical activity for the day. However, if I still have energy, I might throw in a quick run and/or abwork on the stability ball.. I’m aiming for it!

Anyone have a a favorite workout/move they’ve been loving lately?