Let’s talk about how expensive I have been since February. I’ll give you a second to sit down.

Ok, go.

Gas from Boston, MA to Calgary: Approx $5 million. (maybe I overestimate, but I still have no clue how has prices work here. The signs literally read ‘116.9’ uhhhhh, what?
Hotels along the way: $400
Food and such for the trip:$200
Visitor visa:$75
Export/import car: $2000
Permanent resident Application: $1500
Trips to Costco to de-bachelorize the house: $1000
Vet appts for Layla: $400
Traveller’s Insurance: A cool G. (that’s $1000)
Mailing anything to the States: at least $30 x about 6 packages.
Flip flops: $35. I know, right?!?!! And that’s also the price for a small bottle of Jose Cuervo. Insane to the membrane.
Boxes of cereal: $7 each. What the what?!
(I’m not even going to go into the costs to get all my Canadian fitness certs. I’m still fuming over that one. And the fact that two subs at Subway here put you back an Andrew Jackson- Canadian friends, you might not get that reference.)

…oh, and did I mention that the wonderful state of NY has no record of my driving history, therefore I get to go back to driving school to get my license in Alberta. Friggin sweet.

Everything here is so expensive..no wonder they offer free health care. And I thank baby Jesus for that.

this post brought to you by one sleepless night and my luck of getting 5% of the bed. No thanks to the man an the beast.