Who cares about what I did this morning. Because really, it was boring.

This afternoon, however, was a different story. I got in a stellar workout. And I did it all from the convenience of my own living room. Bing Bang Boom.

Check out my sweet outfit (the top is my purchase from Lululemon yesterday!)

Ah, this shirt perfectly displays my back. My favorite part of my body. Now, let me make a clear distinction: I like my back. NOT my backside. Backside includes the tush. Boo.

And the front of the shirt:

My workout was a nice mix of strength and cardio. The cardio was kickboxing. And the strength was comprised of this little set (which I found on Pinterest. You can follow me at jtougas. And while we’re at it, you can follow me on twitter/instagram @nutcaseinpoint):

So, I did this once through, 20 mins of kix, another run through of the strength, then 15 more mins of kix. Solid hour workout.

And do you know what’s best after a workout?

That’s right. BEER. And not just any beer. Sam Adams Summer Ale. MY FAVEY. Sam Adams people, if you’re reading this, feel free to send me samples. I will gladly accept. Thanks!

And now I’m going to attempt some homework. Haha, probably not. But I feel more studious just saying it.

What’s your favorite beer?