Things I’m Loving

So here are some links to things I have starred this week on my Google Reader:

1. A Day in the Life. Bonnie, a personal trainer who currently lives in Calgary as well, also stems from California. In this post, she talks about the differences– and I totally agree with her. Trader Joe’s and In-n-Out for the American win; Man of my life and having 2 dollar coins for the Canadian win.

2. Some More Fitness Center Pickup Lines from Jack Sh*t, Gettin’ Fit. I can’t pick out a favorite, because they’re all hilarious. And if I were still single, I would totally test one out. Because I am weird like that.

3. I want this outfit. Like, now. I wore my bright pink Wunder Unders with a Purple tank and my super duper bright NB sneaks to the gym today. Yeah, I got looks. And yeah……I loved it.

4. I’m 99.9% sure these pancakes will make their way into my diet sometime in the near future. I mean, how could they not?

5. Can you differentiate frenemies from bitchy friends? This post tells you how. After you read it, write a list of all your friends then put an “f” for frenemy and “b” for bitch next to the designated names. This is really just for your quick reference. You might want to re-evaluate some of your friendships. Burn that paper right away, because if any one of those gals find it- well, it won’t be pretty.

6. And I thought I was a whacky fitness instructor/trainer. This dude went WAY out of his way to get in touch with some of his clients.

7. For your exercise-related reading pleasure, this article reveals information regarding the link between exercise and depression. Do you think it’s crap? Go do 100 pushups and tell me what you think.


I am always telling people in my classes to breathe. And when I do, they look at me and roll their eyes. Then, I count all the blue faces when they’re doing tons of pushups and I have to remind them again. Breathing comes naturally, so don’t stop doing it- even when your pumping 5092735 pounds of iron, mmmk?

Anything you’re loving this week?

The Post-Buyer’s-Remorse Workout

Where do I start? How about after I took Layla for a long walk yesterday, I ended up dragging my booty to the mall. I really shouldn’t have, but I made out like a bandit. I got 2 dresses and a necklace from Banana Republic; a dress, sandals and pajamas from Gap- and all that was for about $120. Not too shabby.

As soon as I got back home, I turned right around and ended up going to Tyler’s football game. Where he managed to dislocate his shoulder. Not good, since today he is off golfing with people from work. I hope it doesn’t make it worse! He was having so much fun on the field and it was only the first game. Perhaps my persuasive powers to get him back in the gym will finally take into effect now that he knows he’s gotta keep himself strong to prevent injuries!

With all that hubbub, I was only able to squeeze in an at-home workout last night. Not really what I was aiming for, but it was better than nothing. I ended up doing about 20 minutes of kickboxing, then another 25 minutes of strength stuff: stability ball reverse lunges, plie squats, weighted stability ball oblique twists, chest press and flys.

Today, though= different story. I completed the Fitnessista’s Schweaty September Workout

Mine was only slightly modified:

Cardio #1

1. Shake Senora- Pitbull (Warm up)

2. Americano- Lady Gaga (Speedier)

3. Pass at Me- Timbaland (Tabata; 20 seconds work, 10 rest, repeated 8x)

Strength 12-15 reps of each move 2-3 sets

Front/Back overhead press (Using a body bar, do an overhead press, then bring the weight down and behind your head so it almost rests on your shoulders. Then press it back up and have the bar come down in front of your face, almost resting on your chest. Each full front/back movement counts as 1)

Shoulder raises (first set: lateral raise; 2nd set: front raise; 3rd set: combo of the two)

Cardio #2

1.Princess of China- Coldplay and Rihanna (moderate pace, increasing the resistance every 1 minute)

2. Papa Don’t Preach- Madonna (30 seconds speedy; 1 minute recovery)

3. Love on Top- Beyonce (moderate speed)

Strength 12-15 reps of each move 2-3 sets

Right leg squat + bicep curl, regular weighted squat, left leg squat + hammer curl, 25 calf raises

Step Ups: 1 minute each leg

Cardio #3

1. Boomerang- DJ Felli Fel (2 minute warm up then pace for the rest of the song)

2. Please Don’t Stop the Music- Rihanna (Tabata; 20 seconds work, 10 rest, repeated 8x)

3. Back in Time- Pitbull (moderate pace)

In my workout, I did the elliptcal for Cardio portions #1 & #3 and used the spin bike for #2. Here is the playlist I used for the hour long workout. It timed out perfectly- even with the machine wipe-down times!

Now, I must write up tonight’s bootcamp! I will check back in with that workout later tonight 🙂

PS: This is my first month in the Foodie Penpal program run by The Lean Green Bean. I just got my penpal today, and I am super excited to send her a package full of goodies! The best part: She has a list for US and Canadian residents and penpals are paired with those who reside in the same country to alleviate any customs/shipping problems. Love!!