Weekend living

Yesterday, I went down to Okotoks to watch the parade an hang out with some gals.

I obvs got a pic of the mini horsies


And then some bigger ones


When the parade was over, we visited the tiny market fair, where I scored a few purchases:
From Epicure Selections:



Then, from a local boutique:

A few wonderful smelling Tyler candles

My friend Nicole spotted these because they are made in Texas where she used to live! We agreed its always exciting to make American/hometown discoveries here in Canada- it makes us feel closer to home! 🙂

I can’t wait to burn these and have the house filled with pretty smells!

On the way home, I had to snap this pic because it made me laugh

Haha, C-Train. Is anyone else laughing at this? A chuckle, perhaps?

This AM, I enjoyed some pancakes in bed while watching some shows on my iPad. Both the dog and the dude were sleeping.

This is the life.

…and I’m headin out to go live some more of it!

Ps: we had tequilas and tacos for dins last night- our fave.

Pps: Tyler bought me clubs yesterday while I was out! How awesome is that?!

Ppps: happy father’s day, dad!

Pppps: Layla is currently molesting what’s left in the sunflower butter jar. It’s kind of hilarious. Hope it doesn’t result in some ranky toots!