I’m better now

I’m better now- in case you were wondering.

Working out really does help your frame of mind. We ended up doing a lot of uphill runs with intervals of lunges/squat jumps/side shuffles. At the top of each hill, we did a set of 20 tricep dips, 20 pushups and 20 spiderman planks. I got mucho sweaty. Then, I was messaging Tyler as I was hiking back to my car, and he tells me they had pizza for lunch. And I’m all “Ahhh man, I’m starving.” He goes “Are you still downtown?” And I go, “mmmmyup.” And he says “meet me at my building and I’ll give you the leftovers.” And I was allll “ba-wi-da-ba-da-bang-ee-bang OK”- and you can quote me. Because it’s super normal to have a great sweaty workout, then go completely out of your way for some free leftover pizza. But that’s how I roll.

Then, I get home, eat 2 pieces, and feel completely barfy. Today, of all days, my stomach decides it hates cheese. Whatevs. I busied myself with more venue shopping for the ol’ wedding. (That’s shit is crazzzzzy tough!)

And because I’m a lady, I waited until AFTER Tyler got home to whip up a batch of margaritas. I’m celebrating making it halfway through the week. It’s totally normal. (I really just came up with that. Having no agenda gives you ample time to make room for drinks. Now that I say that, I might need to make some rezzies at a rehab facility spa.)

Ok…I’m off to go lounge some more. I’m getting pretty good at it.


For this and that

I need to vent.

I am frustrated. With my weight. My workouts. My friends and family being so far away. For feeling like a burden to Tyler. For not working. For not being able to work. For being alone all day. For talking to my dog because of being alone all day. For being afraid to spend money. For memorizing way too many commercial jingles and managing to somehow sing them around the house. Or when I actually do workout. For not being able to sleep at night. For not feeling like I can do anything in here or anywhere else while I am still in Permanent Resident Application purgatory. For not wanting to go teach my last bootcamp. For just about everything.

And now, I am going to go brush my teeth (I realize it’s almost noon), put on yet another pair of stretchy pants, and slowly drive downtown for boot camp. And I have no motivation. No ambition. Not now.

Maybe tomorrow.

Recipe Roundup and a Run

If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll notice that I did not pull through on my promise to post a couple of delicious recipes last night. Why? Because I had a sudden urge to find the most perfect Save the Date cards, followed by the urge to eat a bag of skittles (cringe) then jump around with my dog for 10 minutes before heading to the gym to run for 49 minutes. 49 minutes? Yeah, it just worked out that way.

Working backwards, my treadmill workout looked like this:

And for some reason, my boobs decided to get REAL sweaty.

No wonder people were looking at me. I thought it was because I was all awesome on the treadmill. Not the case.

My face was extremely red because

  1. I just ran 4.25 miles
  2. I’m an old lady and had to stretch my lower back after running and the blood rushed to my face
  3. Both 1&2

The correct answer is #3

On to the recipes!

Recipe Numero Uno: Apricot Salsa

How fresh and colorful and awesome does that look? The recipe was easy: roasted red peppersĀ that I roastedĀ myself, cilantro, apricots, cucumber, jalepeno, red onion, lime juice. Cut that shizzz up, and mix it all together!

And if you want to get all fancy-like, do what I did and plate it as such:

However. DO NOT do what I did and accidentally add 4x the amount of jalepeno. That salsa was HOT. I was en fuego. Muy caliente. And the worst part? Because I decided to chop all that crap up sans hand-protection, my hands are now on FIRE. That’s right- 16 hours post prep and my digits are still burning. Oh jalepeno, you done me wrong kid.

Recipe Numero Dos: Macaroni Salad (no pics!)

This is no ordinary macaroni salad. No. This is The Pioneer Woman’s Macaroni Salad. AKA: The blog lady that I have been following for years and just now made a recipe of hers. For the first time. I have had my eye on those cinnamon rolls though. Those will happen. Soon.

Recipe Numero Tres: Gooey Cinnamon Muffins

I saw this recipe come up on my Google Reader from cookies and cups yesterday morning, and the timing couldn’t have been any more perfect.

Layla thought so too. As you can tell, after laboring tirelessly to get these puppies made, I enjoyed them suckers in bed. Because I can do that. Don’t worry I was multi-tasking by watching What Not to Wear doing homework.

And I kept trying to get a shot sans the dog, but it didn’t happen

Guess that’s the price you pay for eating at her level. (NOT meant to be a metaphor!)

And that’s all she wrote. For now!