Bootcamp with Tubing

This week’s bootcamp incorporated a few moves I learned from the strength certification course on sunday. Here’s what we did:

Run from steps of Y to the curling club parking lot (1/2 mile)

  • Lateral leg lifts with tubing (30 sec)
  • Sumo squats w/ raised heels and chest level tubing pull

then we did running sets up the stairs

  • every step
  • every other step
  • left leg leads
  • right leg leads
  • x2

Everyone partnered up with only one piece of tubing between them. Partner one stands holding the end of the tubing with both hands straight out in front of them. Partner 2 stands to their right and grabs the other end of the tubing. On my call, partner 2 would do a side lunge away from partner 1 with a pull down of the tubing. The idea here is to force partner 1 to engage their abs and maintain their hold straight out in front of them. Partner two works upper body with the pull down AND the side lunge. After each partner takes turns to the right, we did a set of:

  • burpees (30 sec)
  • jog in place (30)
  • x2

Then we repeat the partner pull to the left and head to the stairs for another set of stair runs (same as above)

Next, we did seated rows with the tubing. Sitting on the ground with feet stretched out in front, place the tubing over the top of both feet. Wrap each end around your foot and bring it through the middle (between your feet) Grab the tubing in a place where you have good resistance, chest high and pull the tubing towards you (squeezing the pencil between your shoulder blades). We did these for a slow count, slower count, pulse, and hold.

We then did skip jumps for a distance, then back pedal (x2), then SPRINT down and back (x2)

Arms were next. Standing on the tubing, we did all the way down and halfway up bicep curls, full motion bicep curls, pulse, and hold. Then we did tricep extensions (hold the tubing with left hand behind you- near the small of your back. Grab other end of tubing- there will be slack- and extend the tubing over your head. Keep your right elbow close to your ear! Then switch arms. Then, do another set of bicep curls.

Cardio next! 30 seconds mountain climbers, 30 seconds jumping jacks (2).

Then, I had the class do one minute of pushups. After the minute, we grabbed our stuff and quickly ran to a grassy spot closer to the Y to do yet another one minute of pushups. This was really challenging!.

For abs, we did a set of V ups- ending with V ups w/a Russian twist. Lastly, we extended out legs, feet together and flexed, hands behind our heads with elbows hugging the head and did quick pulse crunches with a hold on my count.


Jog the rest of the way back to the Y.


I quickly just jotted this down so I wouldn’t forget it (and because I am using it for today’s bootcamp as well. Obviously it’s a complete new set of folks. I wouldn’t be repeating a workout for the same people!)

If you have any questions on the exercises above, let me know and I’d be more than happy to help out!