1. I may or may not have gone to the mall. And one of my purchases might have been from Lululemon. oops.


2. I spent approx. all day looking at Save the Date cards. Etsy is slowing replacing Nutella as my drug of choice.

3. Today’s challenge (not including my workout):

  • 100 burpees
  • 100 pushups
  • 100 tuck jumps
  • 100 crunches

4. I have been failing in the kitchen lately. Like, massive failures. I try to whip up tasty treats and meals for Tyler, and they all flop. And I can tell Tyler’s just trying to be nice a) by eating it; and b) having that high-pitched inflection while saying “oh, it’s good”. ugh. Maybe having my mom here next week will revamp my cooking abilities.

5. That’s right, my parents are coming next week! Hooray! Note to self: pack fridge with white wine prior to their arrival.

6. With that, we had to buy a bed for them to sleep on. Yup, three bedroom house, and only one bed. I’m hoping to get them liquored up each night so they don’t feel the effects of a futon sleep. Shhh.

7. Remember last week when I made that apricot salsa (another fail) and I cut up 4x the jalapenos? And my hands burned for DAYS after? I was searching some stuff on the internets today since I just remembered I wanted to see how to get the sting out of my skin (too late) and I found this:


Hahaha. Laugh with me on this.

8.  July 1: Canada Day; July 4: Independence Day; July 7: My biiiiiirthday



Falling back in love..with the treadmill

The day starts with this:

A big ol’ drink with my all-time favorite pre-workout fuel, Razor 8. Ohmygosh y’all, I swear my this stuff (I’m starting to say ‘y’all’ too much because of The Bachelorette. Grr). But really, it gives me the best oompf I need before I workout and there are no jitters or crash afterwards… Just the best!

On to the workout. Another day on the treadmill. I am starting to fall back in love with the treadmill. Like, I hug the machine after I’m done. Yesterday’s session looked like this:

Warm up: 5 minutes at moderate pace
0-5 run
5-6 walk at brisk pace
6-10 run
10-11 walk at brisk pace
11-14 run
14-15 walk at brisk pace
(my ‘walk’ was at 4.0mph and I varied my run from 6.0-7.0mph)

-Then, I did a squat series. With a body bar on my shoulders, I did 10 front split squats, 10 side split squats, and 10 reverse split squats. On each leg.

-Back to the treadmill for another 15 minute set (same as above)

-another squat set

-3rd set on the treadmill. Add a 5 minute cool down.


It was a fantastic sweat session. So fantastic, that I talked Tyler’s ear off about how great I felt afterward. Better that than bitch and moan to him!

And on to more randomness…

*Oo oo oo! I got my foodie penpal package yesterday, but I can’t share with you until the 30th, so watch out for that post!

Layla was a pooped dog last night. We took a long walk and chased bunnies and woofed and sniffed and rolled in the grass. And my we, I mean just Layla. I was tempted to woof though.


I got $115 back from Geico yesterday (for returning my MA plates) and I am seriously contemplating a trip to Lululemon. I’ve already done my research and know what I want. Is that bad….?

***Leave me a comment. About anything. I’m in the mood to hear some randomness from readers.***