NOT a healthy grocery list

Hi, Internets. Happy Tuesday.

This is NOT a healthy grocery list.


But it’s not for like…me. (ok, it is.) I just put together something yummy, but I can’t share it yet because I haven’t tried it yet. But, you can tell it’s gotta be good based on the list.

Last night, I got through the strength portion of Workout A from Best Body Bootcamp at home. I did some homework (also at home, hence the name), then scooted over to the Y for the cardio interval portion of my workout.

Sidenote: I got my midterm grades… A and a B+ (not proud of the B+, but it is what it is)!


This is the least flattering picture ever. I need to get my roots done STAT. And get rid of my sideburns. And stop doing that tween face.

OMG I HAVE TO TELL YOU SOMETHING. I was going through my phone looking for this workout picture for the post, and I had taken a bunch throughout my workout, including some at the gym, and in the one in the locker room mirror, I snapped the naked tushie of an older lady! Totally didn’t even see her when I took the pic. I immediately deleted because I’m pretty sure that’s illegal.

Hi. Target is coming to Canada. That is the ONE credit card that I owned in the states, and pretty soon I can start using it again.


I was entirely too giddy when I saw this at the mall yesterday. My giddiness turned into shopping rage, and I bought a butt-ton of candles, some jewelry, and some long sleeve sweaters and tops. And…kombucha.


God, I love that stuff.

And Essie nail polish. I never splurged on this brand before because it’s pretty expensive, but after my first experience with it yesterday, I am a total convert. Go out and buy it. Now.


HEY YOU. Yes, you. Get on Facebook and ‘Like’ my page. Right now. Please? I’m borderline begging you.

Remember last week when I told you that I went to the bottle return and got $23?! Well, I forgot about one significantly large box of bottles that were in the backseat instead of the trunk. And so, all week I have been driving around Calgary with a LARGE box of empty tequila bottles (yes, they are ALL tequila bottles). I should probably take them out of my car. Again, I’m guessing that’s illegal.

For your entertainment, this post tells you how to scare yourself thin this Halloween. I am so doing EVERY SINGLE thing on that list tomorrow.

Since I’m bored, and still have pretty much no friends in Calgary, and I want to get a lot of people to comment to keep me from eternal boredom, do me another favor and answer the following in the comments:

  1. Are you dressing up for Halloween at work?
  2. Watching scary movies?
  3. What’s your favorite halloween treat?

12 thoughts on “NOT a healthy grocery list

  1. I’m in Calgary I’ll be your friend! lol that photo is definitely in the market mall, I have been waiting for target to open since I first learned they bought zellers years ago (although I’m canadian I grew up in a boarder town and we do all our shopping in the states) as for your questions…1. might be rocking a subtle indiana jones costume tomorrow at work 2. scary movies give me nightmares and favourite halloween treat is usually candy corn but I haven’t had any yet this year.

    • Yay, lets! What part of Calgary are you? And I am ALWAYS free 😉 I actually just saw a cool “corn on the cob” on pinterest…it was a roll of cookie dough with the corns pushed in the dough in rows to look like kernels.

  2. Love Essie, but damn it’s expensive! I suck at spending that much money on nail polish. I’m making you a head band so we can be friends 🙂 Pick a time and place and I will be there 🙂

  3. 1)I was Angelina Jolie and my boyfriend was Brad Pitt. We both carried ethnic baby dolls in slings. I’ll upload a pic soon. it was hilarious. 2) Scary movies are AWFUL. I refuse to watch them and would probably cry if I did. 3) I’m super into Junior Mints lately. and reese’s. and anything chocolate I guess.

    Is Layla going to be dressing up?

    • fantastic costume!
      tyler makes me watch them all the time. i am even more afraid of the dark, the woods, and i think he wants to kill me.
      i was considering slapping a white stripe with hatches down her back and making her a football. OR taping a map covered in question marks to her so she’d be a WHERE-WOOF (hahahah I crack myself up)

  4. 1. Are you dressing up for Halloween at work? For the Y — yes, for the 9-5… does an orange shirt with black and orange beads count?
    2. Watching scary movies? No. But lots of Halloween Simpsons and The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown with Miss Slesh later.
    3. What’s your favorite Halloween treat? Unhealthy = Reese’s! Healthy = Pumpkintines 🙂

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