Pocket Full of Sunshine

1. Yesterday’s workout was a sweaty interval workout on the bike. 35 minutes and I was done! Only two more workouts for this week and I can ‘rest’ while I sit on a couple of flights on Sunday. (I’m no stranger to lunges and squats by my gate…)

2. We sampled only one beer from our first batch of home brew and it was super good!



3. I started packing. It’s a good thing my drinking pants are also my workout pants. Saves room to bring stuff back.

4. Took Layla to the park this afternoon. Pup was a mental beast with all the fresh snow. I took about 04957203957209 pictures, but will only bore you with two.





5. I am making these tomorrow. Insert evil laugh and terrible victory dance here. I will DEFINITELY have to do Airport Gate Lunges if I have too many.

6. I posted this video on my personal facebook page yesterday and I still think it is hilarious. I had my iTunes playing pretty loud while I was doing stuff throughout the house, and the Natasha Bedingfield song Pocket Full of Sunshine came on. It immediately made me think of this video clip because the montage is EXACTLY what I was doing yesterday. SO. FUNNY. Seriously people, laugh with me on this one. I got like no feedback on facebook and I was just dying for someone to comment something like “hahaha wow Jen you are so funny to be dancing with your dog and doing chores while singing that song!” But no such luck.

moving on..

7. Wait, there is no 7. I can’t think of anything else to write. Perhaps I should workout to clear my head. OK!

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4 thoughts on “Pocket Full of Sunshine

  1. OMG hilarious! I have a card from like 2004 that plays Elvis’ “Hound Dog” and I literally open it and dance around my house when I’m sad!! Thanks for the laugh!

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