Monday Moves #3

In case you’ve missed the first two installments:


So this week, I have 3 moves for ya. They are just basic moves with a modification. (Think: intermediate and/or advanced level, depending on your comfortability with each move). Of course, don’t do them if you are not comfortable, and especially don’t do them if you have any injuries.  Moving right into it.

NUMERO UNO: Squat Walk with Thigh Squeeze. 



-Get a Bender ball or a stuffed animal or one of your dog’s toys (really anything squishy and not too heavy).

-Place whatever squishy item you have between your knees. This will engage your inner thighs to do some work to keep that sucker in place (wow, that just sounds dirty).

-Lower into a squat position. Make sure to keep your knees aligned with your toes- do not let your knees be IN FRONT of your toes! Butt down; chest up.

– Staying in the nice low squat position, start walking. Not only are you working your glutes and squats with the squat, but you’re getting those thighs toned since they have to work on holding whatever you’ve got between your knees.

Modifications: Squat walk without holding an object between your knees. OR, rather than walk, you can pulse in place.

NUMERO DOS: Stability Ball Tricep Dip



-Place a stability ball on the floor against a wall. Remember to have your fingers facing the same direction you are. How far you extend your legs in front of you depends on your ability level. The farther out, the harder it is. 

-Once you’ve gained balance, do your regular ‘ol tricep dip. Elbows go back, rather than bow out so that you can really target those triceps.

-If you get comfortable with the balance on the ball, you can try holding the dip (not only is that tricep work, but core work as well!) And yes, you’ll feel it because I had to hold that position for the flash on the camera to finally go off and it was tough!

NUMERO TRES: Stability Ball Push-Up



-Same idea as the stability ball tricep dip. It’s just an advanced modification on a basic move, plus it encourages more core strength for balance. 

-Ball on the floor against the wall. Make sure you get good hand placement on the ball (far enough apart) so that you keep the ball put.

-Do a pushup. Now, you will definitely do way less of these than you would your normal pushup because of the extra work required. Another option is to simply hold the plank position.

Well, there ya have it guys. 3 moves to get your week going. Let me know if there’s anything you’d like to see for next week’s edition!

16 thoughts on “Monday Moves #3

  1. You got good moves!I am gonna add these today! Thank! I lost my bender ball – strange thing to lose but I swear it’s gone! 😦

  2. Ok, stability ball push-ups sound “easy” in theory, they are no joke! Thanks for reminding me I need to add those back in soon! And the squat walk kind of makes me giggle 🙂 Do you think it would work with a wine bottle instead of a ball? More precious “cargo”!

  3. I’d probably die but I think I will try the walking squat. Looks like something that might make me pee myself from laughter!

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