Monday Moves #2

Hey everyone. This week’s Monday Moves post is a day late because I got caught up in everything that was happening in Boston. But we’re still gonna call it Monday Moves.


Onto some moves for this week. Keep in mind the pictures are terrible, but they are just to give you an idea of how the exercise is performed.

1. Wall Sit with Shoulder Rotation and Overhead Press

4.16 wallsit

-Aside from the fact that I obviously need to sweep my dog’s hair before taking pictures, this move works your lower and upper body. Pressing the length of your back against the wall (be mindful to not let your lower back ‘roll’ forward) and dropping your hips to knee height (get that 90 degree angle), hold the weights as pictured (keep elbows stationed at shoulder height).

-Rotate the weights, keeping your shoulders and elbows put. Engage your core so that your back remains pressed against the wall while performing this part of the exercise.

-Press the weights over your head. That is the entire move. To return to starting position, reverse the order of the pictures as shown. (Aka: drop the elbows, rotate the shoulders, and lower the weights).

2. Bridge and Chest Press

4.16 press

-Start laying on the ground, feet planted. To engage your inner thighs, place either a bender ball or extremely light weight in between your knees. Cheese relatively heavy weights to hold- elbows lined with the chest.

-Engage your core and press with your heels to raise your hips into bridge position. Be mindful of the weight/ball between your knees. At the same time, press the weights overhead.

-In a slow, controlled movement, drop your elbows down to starting position and simultaneously round the spine to lower your butt to the floor. Repeat. Repeat lots of times if you want a great butt.

3. Single Leg Deadlift with Overhead Press

4.16 deadlift

-Ok, stick with me on this one, there are a lot of moves involved. But I promise, it is SO worth it. This is probably my favorite exercise. It requires balance and lots of coordination. Something I don’t generally have (on a Friday or Saturday night. Bahahaha, good joke Jen!)

-Start with your feet together, holding heavier weights at your sides. Keeping one foot planted, gradually kick one leg back- leg extended and foot flexed. At the same time, lower the weights to almost touch the ground by your planted foot.

-Then, bring the leg back to starting position (but DO NOT touch your foot to the floor. In a fluid and immediate motion, rotate the weight and begin a bicep curl while also lifting the ‘moving’ leg so that the knee is at hip height.

-Last part, extend the foot and transition the weights from the top of the bicep curl into an overhead press. To do more than one rep of this move, slowly reverse the order of steps. (Aka: Lower from the overhead press and bend the knee; reverse the curl; lower the leg.

4. Plank High Fives

4.16 plank

-Yes, you will high five your wall. Or you can position yourself to high five your baby or your pet or perhaps someone’s butt (if they’re like sitting in a chair or something. But I recommend you telling them you’re about to TAP THAT ASS.)

-Before assuming the position, face the wall (or object you’ll tap) and extend your arm out to find the appropriate length. Place yourself at the correct distance and get into a straight-arm plank with your palms directly under your shoulders. NO BUTTS IN THE AIR, Y’ALL.

-Keeping your core engaged, alternate arms to give high fives. Just try not to rotate your hips as your reach.


There ya have it, folks. Some potentially new-to-you moves to add to future workouts. See ya tomorrow for WINESDAY WEDNESDAY!

Question: Done any of these moves before? Love em/hate em?


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