I could just dance

I could just dance I’m so excited for another long weekend!


This weekend is going to be the complete opposite of last weekend, though. I have practically nothing on the books!

Oh wait, I lied. I have two different social engagements, some more kitchen demo, and some easter baking to do. Look what I’m turning into!


Some randomness for your reading pleasure:

  • I’ve discovered that the life expectancy of stretchy pants is exactly one year when worn on a constant basis. (Insert tear at the passing of my beloved elastics)
  • Season 3 of Downton Abbey is now on Netflix. Hashtag imsuperexited. (I prefer writing out the word than using the symbol. I’m different like that)
  • I’ve replaced the Parent Trap (Lohan version) snack of Oreos and peanut butter with Oreos and Nutella. I also know that it is possible to make Nutella taste slightly not-so-delicious: by eating a sandwich loaded with red onions just prior.  Let’s have a non-onion sandwich party following by Nutella-dipped Oreos, shall we? Now that’s seriously got me excited.


  • I need a new hair style. My current ‘do is frumpy- both in cut and color. Any fashion-forward/stylists out there have  suggestions?? I ALMOST thought of chopping it, but I KNOW I hate it short. Hmmm
  • There was a spider in my shower last night. Which made me think: I haven’t come across a single spider since living here. Which is a COMPLETE change from New England! 2 weeks before moving, I found a tick under my fitted sheet. Fast forward, and Layla was diagnosed with Lyme Disease. And I remember waking up all the time with red bumps  in random spots from different insect bites. Yuck! PS: Tyler wouldn’t get the spider, so I’ll probably die tonight.
  • Has anyone watched Surviving Jack? I think that show is hilarious. I love a good new comedy to throw in the lineup.

See you tomorrow for Winesday Wednesday!!

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