Awesome List

I think everyone should just follow me on instagram. That way, you all know what I’m up to and I don’t have to explain myself on this here blog. Plus, I can use hashtags. #thatscool

But I did want to stop in REAL QUICK to share my current Awesome list. Exciting, I know.


1. I won a three month WINE subscription. I was on the bus on the way to work yesterday when I got the email and I was all..



^^If you can’t lip read, then I don’t know what to tell you^^

2. I depleted all the money in my account and booked ANOTHER trip to Chicago. This time to see one of my best friends, Katie.  This picture is from when we were college roommates SIX years ago. Something tells me my upcoming visit will look no different.


3. I have been logging some serious miles with the doggies lately. And when I say ‘serious’ I am hoping you take into consideration that both dogs are absolute ASSHOLES on the leash and of drastically different fitness levels and size. That being said, anything that extends beyond going around the block is pretty huge. In the past week, we’ve done a total of just over 11 miles. I refuse to ruin the backseat of my new car, so no trips to the park, just strolls within our neighborhood-which is kinda cool since I’m still finding new places/paths!


4. I FINALLY perfected a homemade margarita on the rocks.


I know, shocker. YOU’D THINK I would have been a margarita master by now, but no my friends. I am a great Margaritaville machine operator, but that’s much much different. Margs on the rocks requires skill. Skill which I am happy to now announce I possess.



5. This should really be on Tyler’s awesome list, but we bought all the new lighting for our kitchen. Props to me for picking out the cheapest pendant lights (And if you’re ever a visitor, pretend you didn’t hear that because they’re TOTALLY expensive. Wink wink)


PS If you know what movie ^ is from, please tell me you’re laughing hysterically right now.

Tell me, what’s on YOUR awesome list??


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