Things From the Weekend

Let’s talk about things from this weekend, shall we? We shall.

Friday after work, Tyler and I had pizza and beer and mentally checked out to watch The Purge and The Hangover III. The end.

Saturday, I got up early and cooked myself some bacon and eggs. I ended up only eating the bacon because I undercooked the eggs. Tragic? Not entirely. Me likely the bacon.


Then I ran 5k. Balance is the key in life.

Then……I picked up my new car! My FIRST new car ever!


(Yeah, that’s totally the picture they took of me at the dealership.)

I got a brand new Toyota 4Runner.. much better than the 1998 Toyota Corolla and the 2003 Hyundai Santa Fe- although THANK YOU MOM AND DAD FOR BOTH OF THOSE VEHICLES.

I love love love it.


I sat in it in the driveway for like an hour yesterday. Totally obsessed. And the best part->


Hahaha YES. A car with a Party Mode button is my kinda vehicle.

Afterward, Tyler and I met up with our friends Crystie & Greg for dinner at State & Main. We shared the Calamari and I had the Mahi Mahi tacos. It was all super delicious. AND they even had my Okanagan Springs Summer Weizen!



Following dinner (And good conversation) the four of us headed to the theater to see Prisoners. It was pretty good, but a little gory. It also made me realize that I can’t sit in public for 2 1/2 hours. My ass HURT.



Today, I did laundry (exciting), washed the floors (exciting) and cleaned out the Santa Fe to get it ready to sell (exciting)

*NOTE: Everything above was, in fact, NOT exciting.

I also ate a butt-ton of garlic stuffed olives and skyped with mom and dad for an hour

*those were fun.

I totally just remembered the whole Photo Booth thingy on my MacBook, so I thought I’d share a photo of RIGHT NOW. Disclaimer: I have googly eyes and Layla’s paw IS still attached to the rest of her body, you just can’t really see her.

Photo on 2013-09-29 at 17.29


Now that I’ve remembered the Photo Booth thing, I totally have to share with you some of the pics I had my mom, dad,  and I take on my iPad. Pretty hilarious. And don’t worry, I won’t hate it if you can’t tell whose who.

9.29 faces


We are weirdos and I love it.

Other things of note for the weekend:

  • I signed up for my friend, Athena’s Fall Into Fitness challenge. Check it out if you’re interested!
  • I bought a jar of Nutella (worthy of mentioning, obviously)
  • I get my first month transit pass. Looks like I’m locked into public transit for my weekday commute for October!

9.29 transit

  • I FINALLY got my wedding photos! (They have a giant PROOF written across them in the digital gallery and she’s putting the disc in the mail tomorrow) I’ll post some later this week, just gotta figure a way I can get them compiled!



  • You know the expression “does a bear shit in the woods?” It should be changed to “does Reggie shit in the basement?” Because yes, yes he does. All the time. It’s getting REALLY old.
  • My favorite pumpkin ale (in Canada) Phillips Crooked Tooth Pumpkin Ale

9.29 ale

And with that, I have procrastinated my workout long enough.


What did you take away from this weekend?



Recent Gets

Lots to show you guys today.

Today started bright and early at the gym with a nice and sweaty spin session.


Towards the end of my workout, the alarms went off and it turns out someone got hurt near the treadmills. Kind of scary, but there were tons of people rushing to their side. Hope he’s ok!

Fast forward a bit, and I got myself ready for the day.


I first had to drop of some stuff at the Y downtown, then I figured I’d get my ring cleaned while I was in the area.


Nice and sparkly!

Next up, the mall. I party fouled and walked into Lululemon first to try on my coveted jacket. Tyler, if you’re reading this, size 8. Thanks


Le sigh. It was so comfy and wonderful and delicious.

My only purchases from a 2 hour stint was a thermal shirt and hat. Both on SUPER discount sale.



Since I’m sharing some material good with you all, I might as well tell ya what came in the mail. First, my Sephora order:



How to Look the Best at Everything by my favorite makeup brand ever, Benefit

Because I ordered this online, I got a sweet freebie bag along with it:


6 perfume samples, some eye shadows, mascara, toner, and some oils. Not too shabby!

And….my Glymm box! Before moving to Calgary, I was OBSESSED with getting my Birchbox every month (they only deliver to the US). After being here for nearly 9 months, I finally came across a similar monthly subscription service for Canadians!!! Woo hoo!! This was what I got in my November box:



Fancy Schmancy shampoo and conditioner (good timing with my ‘new’ hair!), deep blue polish (appropriately named The New Black), body scrub, and perfume.

Now on to some of my crafting accomplishments:

I actually saved a couple of the boxes from my Birchbox subscription and repurposed them into gift boxes! How smart am I? A coat of paint, glue, and glitter. The end.


A yarn wreath:


And some Christmassy pots that have been sealed with a pottery spray that has a been of sheen.




No, not that kinda sheen. The shine:


Now it’s time for me to get started on dinner. Bacon is involved.


(Source) <—almost wrote bacon right there.

Gangnam Style

I made another new-to-me dinner last night, and it was pretty good.

Couscous with veggies and bacon. Pretty self explanatory. But the secret was in the dressing! After you cook the couscous as directed, sautee any veggies you have in the fridge (I used red pep, zucchini, and an onion from the garden), and sizzle up about 5 pieces of bacon, toss them all together in a bowl.

Then- the best part- coat the mixture with dressing made up of:

  • Juice of one lime
  • 3 T olive oil
  • 1 T honey
  • 1 t paprika
  • Dash salt
  • Dash pepper

It was a really nice dish. Only complaint from Tyler was that it was too sweet. He probably would have enjoyed it more if there was a higher ratio of bacon. I would suggest tasting the dressing before coating the dish to make sure it’s to your liking.


Yesterday’s workout came in three parts.

Part 1: Strength Circuit from Best Body Bootcamp. For the workout I chose, she had us doing 5 sets of each exercise before moving to the next exercise. Each set was supposed to use higher weights, but since I didn’t have much choice from working out at home, I made sure to do variations for each set to incorporate muscle confusion. For example: with bench presses- first set was with feet flat on the ground; second set had my legs in ‘table top’; third set my legs were fully extended; fourth set I did on the stability ball; fifth (and technically sixth set) I did single arm presses.

I’m not sore today, but I definitely felt the challenge as I progressed.

Part 2: 45 minute walk with Layla. I wore a jacket, but hot dang I was a sweaty mess by the time we got home. I chose a route that was very hilly so I could work those glutes just that much more 🙂

Part 3: Cardio. I buzzed on over to the gym for a 25 minute interval run on the treadmill and 10 min HIIT on the elliptical. Ummm, it’s been over 3 months since I have been on the elliptical. How did that happen?

Today’s workout will be at the Eau Claire YMCA downtown. I am co-teaching HEAT (indoor bootcamp) then going over some kickboxing stuff with the fitness director to see if I am eligible to instruct an upcoming class. Then probably some sweating on the treadmill.

I leave you with my current favorite jam/dance/I will be breaking this out at the retreat this weekend:

If you scroll to 1:27, that might be what I look like while instructing my class this afternoon. #justsaying. Gangnam Style.