Protein. I can’t seem to get enough of it lately. So what are my favorite ways to get it? I’ll tell you.



Ok, any nut butter really, but I just so happened to buy a ton of almonds the other day, so this is what I currently have on stash.


The flavor is great and can be enjoyed on it’s own or mixed in baked goods and smoothies.


I used to be OBSESSED with Chobani when I was living in Boston- I would have it everyday either in smoothies or mixed with fruits/grains/etc. But sadly, Chobani isn’t available here so I have resorted to Oikos.



It doesn’t disappoint. I use it in baking recipes, dips, as a topping, etc. I used it for my Dill Dip the other day, and almost every recipe for pancakes.

Raspberry Mocha Pancakes (with almond butter and coconut butter topping)


Berry Infused Pancakes



Fried or Hard Boiled are my choices. With sriracha. MMMMMmmmmmm.


Just recently, I was able to FINALLY get my hands on a box of Quest Bars. If you’re a blog reader, you might have seen these a lot lately- they have great stats (In my opinion)


Tons of fiber, tons of protein, no added sugar or artificial sweeteners, gluten free…


Yeah, I highly recommend trying these puppies (check out their website linked above to see the variety of flavors they offer)

In fact, I just had one…and it curbed my craving for sweets! SHOCKING.


Chicken, turkey, beef, pork…all protein (obviously I wouldn’t rely on bacon being a source of protein, but ya know..) I have loved being able to incorporate lean meats in our weekly meals. They are filling AND I have found they give me the oomph I need to get to my nighttime cardio sessions (Is it weird that I get the best cardio workouts late at night?!)


Here are the protein powders I have been using as of late:

  • Click (the coffee lovers protein powder)







What’s your favorite way to get protein?

Best Body Bootcamp, Day 1

Today is Day 1 of Tina’s Best Body Bootcamp. And I was done with today’s workout by 7:30 this morning. Hooray! If you’re too lazy to click on the link and read up on the bootcamp, it’s an 8 week program filled with different workouts (Phase 1 has upper and lower body supersets) PLUS there are cash prizes for those who hit their weekly goals- note: it is NOT about weight loss or inches lost- which is why I love this program so much.

PS: Layla wanted to me let you guys know that I completed the workout because she watched me do the whole thing


Random other news:

1. I have to make a serious trip to Michael’s this week to get neon puffy paint. Tyler and I are going to an 80’s party on Friday and I need a seriously good outfit. Also, I am crimping my hair, putting it in a side pony, and wearing a scrunchie.

2. I am on a serious egg kick as of late. PROTEIN GET IN MAH BELLY.

3. We started watching Sons of Anarchy this weekend. WE ARE ADDICTED.


4. Tyler and I met up with friends of ours- Justin and Nicole- at the Sun and Salsa Festival yesterday. It was hot, there were lots of people, lots of salsa, and we somehow managed to get a table at Julio Barrio and sip on these bad boys:

5. The fun was over once we got home and I had to finish up some homework. Sit down, because I’m about to vent. I am taking my grad school courses online. Right now, I am currently enrolled in only one class. It’s not too bad- there are discussion posts we need to do throughout the week, and generally have a paper and a blog post to do by the end of the week. WELL. This week, we were assigned that AND two group projects. Group projects in a classroom environment suck, but you put it on the internet and it’s even worse. We all live in different time zones, have different schedules, etc. I worked effortlessly to get these two projects done only to find out one of my group members- who didn’t do ANY of the work- submitted an incomplete project. With my name on it. To make matters worse, this is the first online course I’ve taken where the professor has been completely absent in participation. Aka: you never hear from him. I was firing off emails to him and my advisor last night because I was MAD. I work so hard only to get shit on? Not cool.

6. Thanks to facebook, the finale of The Bachelorette was ruined. I recorded it to watch this morning, but noooooooooooooo this person (who shall remain anonymous) ruined it. I kind of hate her now. But we don’t really talk anyways. You know how that goes with facebook friends- you maybe only really talk to a few of the 204592709.

7. WE HAVE PLANTS! A couple of months ago, Tyler and I bought some onion, tomato and pepper plants- just to see how they’d grow in pots on our patio. And whaddya know, we have tons of tomatoes, one pep, and lotsa onions! Can’t wait to make salsa.

Imma stop at 7 cuz that’s a good number.

Anyone have something random they’d like to share?



This dog was made for walkin’

I was able to peel myself off the couch after 4 episodes of Mad Men. Sheesh. I’m such a bum.

Layla and I ran some errands, then we headed over to Nose Hill Park for a long hike.

That place is super hilly! We got in some running here and there as well, but I had to be quite careful not to twist my ankle on some of the rocks and holes along the path. Layla was in heaven.

Some great scenery, per usual for Calgary!

I’m a smart lady too, and brought lotsa aqua for the little one. She was huffin and puffin.


And my favorite pic from the walk:


Once we trekked our way back, I needed some protein and veggies to hold me over until dinner. I came up with this bowl:

Spinach topped with scrambled eggs, onion/poppyseed dressing, and a dallop of ketchup. It hit the spot!

Big to-do’s for dinner tonight! I’ve already got some schtuff in the ol’ hot box.

Here’s something to think about: how would you fill your day if you weren’t working?

I had intentions of getting my workouts done early in the day, but they seem to still revolve around the evening hours. I do, however, get to be out with Layla a lot more, so I am moving a heck of a lot more than when I was sitting at a darn desk all day. And I get to actually make meals rather than whip a quick smoothie or have hard boiled eggs when I get home from work and have to dash off to the gym. Even though I enjoy these luxuries, I do miss the regimen that requires me to be places at certain times. Thoughts?