Let’s talk beer

Hi friends (I’m calling all of you reading this friends because I think it’s nice)

Tyler and I had a little Around the World beer tasting last night when he got home from work. We went over to one of the local liquor stores and took about 20 minutes deciding on our selection.

This is what we came up with


We made sure to create a solid base by grabbing pitas from Extreme Pita

We enjoyed our brews while we watching a couple episodes of Top Gear. It was still light out and Tyler wanted to wait until it was dark to watch our movie.

Side note: yeah, it stays light out way later here. To back me up, I have provided some proof:

Here are the sunrise and sunset times in Calgary this week


And here it is for Boston


The sun sets here after 9pm. Meaning, it doesn’t get dark until 10. Pretty sweet if you ask me!

Ok, back to the beer. The first one we tried was Schofferhofer from Germany


Tyler and I both liked this one. It was light, slightly sweet and had no aftertaste. It was very easy to drink.


Next, we traveled to the Netherlands for Mongozo


It had somewhere around 3% alcohol, so it was a very fruity, light beer. I could definitely imagine drinking his on the beach. But, I made due with the couch.


Third, was Fuller’s Organic Honeydew from England. Yet another surprisingly light beer. This one had a great aftertaste too. The honey was subtle, but delicious in this medium bodied beverage.


At this point, we were 3 for 3. So far so good!

Spain came next: Estrella Damm. Tyler picked this one out and it had no label, just a little info tag around the neck. I read that this one was designed to be drank from a wine glass and specifically to be paired with food. Hmm, well we ate about an hour earlier, so I didn’t see the harm.


Wow. This one was good. I could really see how this would pair with food. It was light in taste. I really don’t know how to describe it other than that it was nice to have this beer out of a wine glass!


Tyler noticed that Layla kept walking around to find different spots to lay. His solution: bring her bed out to the living room. She’s not spoiled or anything.


Then, when I went to go pour our 5th beer, this happened



She gets so many treats (note: don’t say the word ‘chicken’ around Layla anymore) its ridiculous.

This fifth beer, well, it was interesting. It was Cannery Brewery Blackberry Porter from BC.


As soon as I poured this, I could immediately smell the blackberries. We sat. We sipped. We both made stink faces. It smelled good, it tasted odd, but had the greatest aftertaste. So weird. It was still good, I just think it was different from what we expected. We were still happy!


Last beer of the night was Blanche de Chambly white ale.


Did we really choose 6 winners? Yup. This last one was very citrusy ad wonderful. Tyler said it reminded him of Hoegaarden and I thought it was reminiscent of a Blue Moon. Either way, we both loved.

At this point, it was dark enough outside, so we watched The Grey. Good movie!

And that’s my beer review for the week, off to walk my little lady!