4 Workout Options

Alright alright alright.

Here are today’s workout(s)

Numero Uno: This week’s TMT workout from nhershoes.

The workout included:

  • 1 min jump rope
  • 25 squats
  • 15 jacks
  • 10 pushups
  • 30 sec mountain climbers
  • 10 pushups
  • 25 crunches
  • 1 min butt kicks
  • 1 min bicep curls w/lunge
  • 15 jacks
  • 1 min plank
  • 1 min plank ups
  • 30 sec jog
  • 1 min military press with front kick
  • 30 seconds front shoulder raise
  • 30 seconds side shoulder raise
  • 25 squats
  • 30 seconds burpees
  • 15 chair dips
  • 30 sec bicycle crunch
  • 1 min plank

My time:

Yeah buddy.

Number 2: Walk with Layla. The hills are killer!!

#3: The Kill To Look Good Workout

10 minute warmup (unless you just did the #1 workout above)

3 sets of 12-15 reps of: (these you can hold weights. make sure to do 3 sets on each leg!)

  • front split squat
  • uneven squat
  • reverse split squat

Cardio (3 sets of 30 seconds of each)

  • plank jacks
  • heel taps
  • jacks

3 sets of 12-15 reps of:

  • overhead press
  • standing fly
  • tricep kickback

Cardio (3 sets of 10 each)

  • burpees
  • double hops
  • 180 degree jump squats

3 sets of 12-15 reps of:

  • V-ups
  • Side plank dips
  • Pushups

Workout FOUR: HIIT. 20 minutes of cardio of choice with 90 seconds moderate intensity then 30 seconds of HARDEST intensity, repeated. (Fun on the elliptical and spin bike. I have found the treadmills here don’t have that automatic speed reset. Makes intervals hard)

Are you tired yet?

Just Givin’ Advice

Long time no talk, I know. Just been too consumed in this little thing called life. First off, I’d like to inform you of a burning issue. And literally, it’s burning.


Cringe. Laugh. Scowl. Whichever of your choosing. Maybe sympathize?

I did an insane workout yesterday. 40 minutes of kickboxing in a back room with no fan (still wondering why I never opened the window) can really get you sweating! I rounded off the workout with some upper body and ab work on the stability ball.

Today’s workout is still TBA. I’ve jotted down a few things and starred some online workouts, so it might be one ginormous mash up of sweaty goodness.

Like this


I suppose I also have to take Layla for a walk as well. She wasn’t too impressed with me this morning.


Whoa. Three pictures of me in one post. I’m overwhelmed.

3 bits of advice and I’m off to get ish done:

1)Throw a bottle of Corona in the blender the next time you’re making margies. It’s seriously good. (disclaimer: I meant pour the contents of the bottle in the blender. If you actually throw in the bottle, you may be enjoying those drinks in the emergency room.)

2)Wear eye cream. Doesn’t matter how old you are. The stuff is awesome. Makes your skin soft, less wrinkly, and….makes you look awake! No more raccoon eyes, no more making up lies you were in a cat fight and got a black eye…none of that!


3)Follow me on Twitter. And Instagram. @nutcaseinpoint. Do it and you might get a prize! 😉

Now I gotta go do things so I can be important and write about it later!

Anybody have advice they’d like to share?