Fiesta recap

Dudeskiguykidman- yesterday afternoon/evening was fun!

I started with an insanely sweaty at-home workout that left me weak and shaky and just the way I love to feel after I workout.


Sweat= 💗

While I was in the back room getting my groove on (40 minutes of kix followed by a quick n dirty 10 min of strength/cardio intervals and finishing with 10 min of abs), Tyler and Layla were chillin’ like villains. Seriously, the two are like BFFs. I think it’s because he gives her tons of treats, never mind the fact that I’m with her all day and walk her and pet her and feed her and love love love her. But, her affection does come with a price- she now sleeps on top of Tyler at night! Bwahahaha.

(oh, and he bought her this super plush bed at Costco yesterday)


Look at my little family! How adorbs 🙂


After I cooled down and showered, we got to work. ‘work’ meaning eating and drinking. (Insert fist pump here)


Round 1 was mango margaritas.



Accompanied by some grub we prepped earlier


Tyler put together a sour cream/salsa dip while I got to work on some homemade guac. And yes, I can now say I make the best guac ever!!!


Just look at that yummy ooey-gooeyness!!!!

And Tyler’s: super delish!


Round one of margaritas tragically finished super fast, so I shimmied on into the kitchen for round 2: strawberry!


Do I look super disappointed or what.


Round 3 was pineapple ( not the best, but Tyler and I managed to get through them)


It was at that point that we noticed how nice it was outside. Hold the phone…..what?!!! didn’t I wake up in a blizzard? What the hell, Calgary? Ah well, we’ll take it!

(that’s 9am vs. 9pm)

We had stuffed our bellies with way too much dip that we didn’t have our tacos until 10pm! I hear indigestion bells ringing!


They were still good, nonetheless. Best part was, when we both finished, we sat hunched over our plates with one messy hand (we didn’t have napkins and were a little too buzzed to do anything about it for about 10 minutes) I definitely snorted.

So there you have it… Our little tiny at home fiesta. I totally loved it.

And now, it’s a bright and sunny Sunday here in Calgary and I am planning in dragging Tyler out with me for a lovely walk/hike. I have a hunch that many calories need to be burned 😉