Bust Your Booty Workout

Here’s my morning workout for today:

10 minute HIIT warmup (any cardio you choose, I did the elliptical)

  • 180 degree jump squats (12)
  • Lunge progressors (12 reverse lunge, 12 reverse lunge w/high knee, 12 reverse lunge w/high knee and calf raise, 12 reverse lunge w/high knee, calf raise and hop)
  • 10 lateral raise, 10 front raise
  • x2

60 second jump rope

  • kettlebell swings (10)
  • single leg squats (10)
  • 10 overhead press, 10 raise combo
  • x2

60 seconds of jacks

  • bridge crunch (12)
  • side plank w/dips (12)
  • leg lifts (12)
  • x2

60 seconds of plank jacks

  • Head to toes (12)

  • Thread the Needle (12)

(got these from the latest issue of Fitness magazine)

  • x2

Cardio Series:

  • 10 jacks, 10 mountain climbers (4x)
  • 10 double hips, 10 side kicks (4x)
  • 10 skiers, 10 sec plank hold (4x)

10 min HIIT cardio


That should do the trick! As for me, I have an afternoon hike scheduled with the doggie-poo, then another 30 minutes of kix at home. I HAVE SO MUCH ENERGY!!!!!!!!


10 questions

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1. What’s your favorite exercise of all time?

2. What is your favorite beauty product?

3. What is your favorite feature (on yourself)?

4. What is your current favorite jam (meaning a song, not something you spread on toast)?

5. What is your least favorite exercise (Like, if you’re taking a class and the instructor announces it, and you curse either out loud or under your breath)?

6. What is your favorite breakfast (that has ‘staying’ power)?

7. Have you ever taken a boot camp (If so, what did you love/hate about it)?

8. What is your favorite sweet treat?

9. Do you eat different meals than your sig. other to stay on the healthy track?

10. Make up your own question and answer it.