7 Things

A few things.

1) I bought all this today


2) My ring was finally ready. You bet your bippy I hopped right in my car to go get it. Only downfall, I had just painted my nails, so the job got a little ruined. Normally, I’d be ticked, but I make exceptions for shiny big diamonds!


3) Another spinach salad for dinner. Gotta get in those veggies!


4) Now that I have more equipment at home, I am more inclined for impromptu workouts. Case in point: right now. Then Layla got in the way.


Then she apologized.


Then I ended up just laying on the ball and watching 2 episodes of For Rent and Storage Wars.

5) I experienced rush hour traffic on my way home from the jeweler. HA! Calgary’s rush hour looks like ideal road conditions for Boston. Canada: 1 US: 0

6) Athena reminded me yesterday that the Healthy Living Summit is in Boston this year.

I’m saving up.

7) That is all.

Grilled Naan Pizza, Donuts, and the Stairs of Death

Yesterday was full of more delicious eats. I just kept that good Monday going!

Lunch was a spinach salad with tomatoes, mushies, leftover grilled carrots and nonfat greek dressing.

Followed by a few slices of this wonderfully sweet fruit (Mango- if you didn’t want to play the guessing game)

It was a B-E-A-Utiful day out, and I think I still had a ton of energy from that Razor Blast Powder 8 that I took the pup for a 90 minute hike. Usually, girlfran can be found on her bed…or our bed, but yesterday, I found her out front. Lounging.

Pretty soon we were running up and down the hills, soaking up the sun and beautiful view

An hour and a half later, we both returned home….struggling. That hike combined with my intense morning workout really wiped me out. And Layla is just a fat pig, so anything would exhaust her.

Not gonna lie, I thought I killed her. I must have crouched down on the floor a dozen times to make sure she was still breathing. Last thing I need to add to my resume is dog-killer.

Once I was satisfied she’d survived, I went on the porch to soak up a little more sun

I’m gearing towards being the official Lululemon-branded tan. Seriously…I went to go find a pair of shorts to change into so that I wouldn’t have a terrible calf tan, but then I realized I didn’t bring a single pair of my shorts with me from Boston. Gah. I wasn’t out for too long though- I noticed some creepy dude walking up and down the street and stopping just across from our house and staring at me. So I went inside and locked all the doors. Much to my relief (or should I be scared?) A cop car patrolled the block for the next hour or so. Looks like some other housewifey-lady such as myself got spooked a little more than I did and called the cops.


Tyler is a pizza freak. I swear to God, if he were the decision maker for meals, we’d have it every night for dinner. And to be honest, the pizza bug has worn itself onto me. To change it up a bit, I decided to grill up some Naan pizzas for us.

I got the toppings all ready (pepperoni, chicken, peppers, onions, feta cheese. Not pictured: Homemade sauce and regular cheese for Tyler)

We fired up the Barbie, brushed olive oil on either side of the Naan (I use the term ‘brushed’ very loosely. I didn’t have a brush, so I used a paper towel instead. Messy, but the job got done) and tossed them on the grill. After about 4 minutes, we flipped the bread, added our toppings, and let it grill for another few minutes.

The result:

I only used Goat cheese on mine, and it still proved to be too lactose-y. Insert tummy grumbles here. But whatever, it was T.A.S.T.Y.

I decided that I was going to go without sweets for the next two weeks- just as a personal challenge. And I have already found my sweet-reward once this challenge is over: Jelly Modern Donuts. For some reason I have had a huge craving for donuts lately, so what better way to ‘earn’ one than by abstaining from sugary treats for a couple weeks?

This pic is on their website, and I had to wipe the screen of my drool

I want the Maple Bacon and the Bourbon Vanilla and the Salted Caramel….I wouldn’t mind trying all of them. If I had to.

Stop looking at the donuts and finish reading this post!

Today’s workout was going to be a no brainer. 40 minutes on the elliptical, 10 min of strength intervals and 10 minutes of abs. Bing, bang, boom and I’d be done.

I dressed up in my all pink attire and got to walking to the gym

Looking chipper as always for a 7am workout

Get this: 5 of my last 7 workouts have been at 7am! Pretty great, if you ask me. I get the rest of the day to do what I want, I have more energy, and I have been more inclined to make healthy eating decisions. Golf clap now, please.

I mentioned this on Facebook yesterday, but I thought I’d throw it on here as well: I am teaching my first boot camp in downtown Calgary next week! I haven’t been able to teach since I moved a couple months ago, so I am REALLY excited. The best part: It’s going to be outside! The bester part: It’s going to be by these stairs:


Bwahahahaha. Those are going to come in HANDY.