Fast 500 Workout

Happy Friday (and Memorial Day weekend to my American friends!)

This morning was a rush rush rush in getting stuff done. Tyler is bumping out of work early so we can head to Montana for the night and officially export/import my car tomorrow. Isn’t that exciting?! Not entirely.

After a bowl of Cheerios, I took Layla for an hour walk on one of usual paths near the house.

Then I went to the mall. Because that’s important. And I bought stuff.

Store 1: Lululemon

I got scoop neck tank and wunder PINK. I am all too excited to wear these.

I am still an R&D member, so I was able to get a discount. Can’t really hate that. Helps feed the addiction.

Store 2: Gap

Some jean shorts and tanks and tops for the warmer weather. Obviously when I moved here in February, I was thinking I only needed to pack the essentials for winter weather. Now, I’m screwed because I didn’t bring all my summer clothes up. Insert: shopping!

Store 3: Sephora

Some summer essentials for summer from my favey cosmetic line, Benefit. You Rebel is a tinted moisturizer and Hoola is a powder bronzer. I think I have consistently used the bronzer since I was 15. Never will I ever stray from you, Benefit! I always feel so glammy when I wear their stuff, but it doesn’t feel like a high maintenance line which I love.

Ok, ok. On to the workout. Since the walk with Layla and shopping consumed too much of my morning, I only had 20 minutes to sweat before I needed to get ready to hit the road. So here’s what I banged out.

  • 10 jacks
  • 10 double hops
  • 10 plank jacks
  • 10 up/down planks
  • 10 situps
  • 10 stability ball leg lifts
  • 10 stability ball wall sits
  • 10 plie squats with raised heels
  • 10 tricep kickbacks
  • 10 lower back extensions on the stability ball

Repeat as many times as you can until you hit 20 minutes. (I did it 5 times in about 18 minutes, which is 500 reps, hence the workout name!) If you’re not pressed for time, do as many sets as you can before you pass out.

Now, I gotta really hustle my bustle to get ready..have a great weekend!