Playlist workout

Ok, I deviated from my intended workout plan…but not by much. I did the walk with the pup, and bootcamp, but my cardio and abwork were scratched.

I actually ended up using a really fun playlist I found on fitbottomedgirls. Below, I have posted the song and what types of exercises to complete throughout the duration of the song:

1. That Ain’t A Scene (It’s an Arms Race)- Fall Out Boy

  • get some work done on those biceps! I mixed up a variety of bicep curls, hammer curls, curls with an overhead press, chest press on the stability ball and flys

2. My HumpsBlack Eyed Peas

  • Humps: the boot-ay. Backside. Rear End. Squat, Lunge, Donkey kick, Fire Hydrant…squeeze tha tushie!

3. Die In Your ArmsJustin Bieber

  • Pushups, planks, tricep extensions, tri kickbacks

4. Booty WurkT-Pain

  • Wall Sits, one legged squats, froggers, stability ball split squats

5. Cold Shoulder- Adele

  • Lateral raises, front raises, overhead presses, lat pulls

6. Legs- ZZ Top

  • Front, side and back kicks, step ups, plie squat and holds

7. Big Ole Butt- LL Cool J

  • Hip raises on the stability ball with alternating hip dips, hip raise on the ball with rollouts, one legged wall squats

8. Dirt Off Your Shoulder- Jay Z

  • Large arms circles with weights, plank up/downs, reverse fly on the stability ball, shoulder rotation while in a bridge position on the ball

9. Hips Don’t Lie- Shakira

  • The article said dance. So dance, I did. Lots of hopping around and lawnmowers and whatnot.

10. Hands- The Ting Tings

  • The article said to stretch it out, but I did abs for this song. I did swiss ball roll outs, side crunches with pulses and hold on the ball, plank holds


It was a pretty good workout, and the time flew by…therefore, I highly recommend it!

Dinner tonight was a little hodge-podgey. I combined israeli couscous, marinara sauce and sauteed zucchini. It was pretty darn delicious (I tried 24597 times to upload the pic, but I am on Tyler’s computer and it’s not working. Gah! Problems problems problems. Maybe tomorrow. That’s what I get for trying to post in the living room while sitting on my ball.)

Now, gimme a few secs to gripe about some crap. Ready? Begin. (This is going to be one long run-on sentence to accurately convey my feelings of defeat from the situation)

So I go to Canadian Tire with all the paperwork I got this weekend from Canadian Immigration regarding my car and I needed to get this inspection done but the dude there said not uh you dont have daytime headlights so come back tomorrow and we will install them then do the inspection but in the mean time, go to the registry and get some other form so we can do this other inspection mmk? And I said sure. I go to the registry with the forms and I get to one of the windows and the girl goes lemme see your bill of sale and I was all what I dont have it with me and besides I needed to present it in order to get this form I already have therefore, proceed stupid window lady. But she didnt buy that. So I went home and got ALL my information on my car then went back to the registry office. I had to wait in yet another line before getting to a different girl at a different window and she’s all gimme your title to your car and I was all PHEW I brought that but the girl I literally talked to 5 minutes ago never mentioned that I needed it. And then I got happy so I told this second girl that I would name my first born after her if this was a success. And she gets all noddy and positive looking then she says That’ll be $9.75 and we only accept debit, cash or check. And I immediately think WTF where are the signs that said that? I had American checks which she denied and I had an American debit card which automatically gets put through as credit in Canada so that was a no-go and I had a Canadian visa which is on the list of not acceptables. At this point, consider me upset. I then told her I would no longer name my child after her, and then I proceeded to tell her I was going to kill myself and then burst out in tears at her cubicle. Lucky for me, I get to go back in the early morning hours tomorrow in attempts to get that damn $10 form, then back to Canadian Tire to get a Daytime Light thingamajig (which I was told would cost $200) and then pay for the inspection (I think $75) then take all those inspection forms BACK to the stupid Registry with the stupid cubicles and pay $40957093725 for Registration and get my License.

And how did your day go?

Wednesday Wednesday

Wednesday workout:

  • 60 minute walk with Layla
  • Outdoor bootcamp
  • 30 minutes run intervals
  • lower body/abs

Wednesday breakfast:

Chocolate Milk+Cold Coffee+Ice Cubes

Wednesday Jam:

Radio by Beyonce

Wednesday wears:

Red Sox! Ah, I’d kill to go to a game this summer.

Annnnnd lookit the time, I gotta scram for kicking ass boot camp!