Back to school blues

Who loves farmers markets?
Jen loves farmers markets.
Is it true?
I do I do I do-oo-oo!

I picked up lots of sweet goodies.
A bag full of apricots

A jug of real Canadian maple syrup (unREAL!!!)

And some local creamed honey


Since I obviously tasted everything at the market, I had to counter the sweet with something savory. So I made pizzas. I got the dough ready while I ran to the store for a couple of things.

Tyler’s pizza: pepperoni, chicken, green olives and red peppers.

My pizza: bacon, portobello mushrooms and sliced apricots.

They turned out delicious!

It was silent for about 15 minutes while we were both devouring our meals

There is a TON left over. Aka: my lunches for the next week or so. My ‘happy for pizza’ face

Layla’s ‘happy for anything’ face


And now it’s time for Jen’s Craft Corner!

Ok, not really. But I noticed that my flowers were droopy yesterday so I cut the stems and made them floating centerpieces

Not too shabby, eh?! At least it will extend their life for a few more days. Notice the textbook in the background. Barf.

And that’s the end of Jen’s Craft Corner.

Lame sauce.

The evening ended with a little bit of Paris, courtesy of Tyler Candle Company


Lots to do. Can I get a collective groan for grad school starting back up today?! Wah-wuh.

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