Another interview day…I thought.

BUT lookie-here at what happened with my morning:

  1. Mid hair-straightening, the straightener broke.
  2. Stockings had a hole
  3. Pre-Calgary work pants felt snug
  4. 5 minutes prior to leaving for interview, received a call to cancel said interview.

Honestly, I can’t catch a break. I immediately got online to see what the warranty on my super expensive straightener was, and found that all I needed to do was include a copy of the receipt of purchase from authorized dealer and cost of return shipping along with the item. OF ALL THE DAMN RECEIPTS, I can’t find this one. Oy. The replacement wouldn’t arrive for at least 8-10 weeks, so I am stuck buying another one here regardless. 



Yeah, that’s the hairdo I would’ve gone with if it weren’t cancelled. And I think I had already changed back into my ‘jams before I even hung up the phone. Ugh

Now I’m going to complain about how this throws off my WORKOUT. Of all things. Boy, am I selfish. Or obsessed. Or both. Now that I have all this free time, I want to use it by going to the GYM but I know there are group ex classes going on until about 12:30pm. (The group ex studio is open air in the middle of the gym- so my use of the treadmill would give me a view of 40-60 older ladies jazzercizing. Not my cuppa.)

I don’t even want to talk about how I felt in my work clothes. Gross. That’s a whole other post on my thoughts and feelings about my body image insecurities. WOOF.

RANT=OVER. (phew, i know)

Onto bigger and better things: food. HAHA. But seriously, I’m gonna talk about food.

First up, pancakes.



Not just any ol’ pancakes…SWEET POTATO pancakes!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 1/2 c sweet potato puree 
  • 2 egg whites
  • 1/4 c whole wheat flour
  • 1/4 t baking powder
  • stevia (to taste) or 1 t of sugar or agave
  • dash salt
  • 1/4 t cinnamon
  • 1/4 c unsweetened almond milk

Here’s what you do:

  1. Throw everything in the blender or food processor or use a hand mixer to get the batter nice and smooth. 
  2. Cook as you would normally cook pancakes (mine took a little longer on each side to ensure the puree was cooked and not leaving each cake super mushy)
  3. Optional: I topped mine with a mixture of pb2, water, and 1T cocoa. And sliced strawberries. It was perfect.

Next up, Carrot Cake



I used the recipe from Sally’s Baking Addiction. Only problem with mine was that I split the batter into 2-8inch round pans and still baked for the directed time. That, combined with the stupid altitude, and my cake came out a tad dry. (Hence the scary amount of frosting I used to compensate)



I’m still eating it, though.

Saturday night, Tyler made us ribs! They were so freaking tasty.



We ended up being out for a little later than expected, and by the time we got home and got these suckers on the BBQ, we had to wait until about 10pm to eat them. It was SO worth it.



I don’t know what rub Tyler used, but it was the first thing he put together when he woke up that morning. I think he’s going to keep it a secret. Just to WOW me every time we eat them.


1. Um, why have I never used the MapMyRun app before? (A: Because I don’t ever run outside) I gave it a go for the first time yesterday–carrying my phone with me– and I LOVED it! It maps your route, tells you your splits, distance, duration, calorie burn, yadda yadda yadda.



2. My dog loves the sun just as much as she loves snow.



3. I have now officially fallen in love with Bloglovin. If you read this blog, chances are you found it through another blog, and even more chances that you read lots of blogs. Most people are currently using Google Reader as a way of getting their blog fix, but that’s saying adios in a couple of months. With Bloglovin, you can import all the blogs you have on your Google Reader (automatically. there is no long, disastrous process of getting it done). 




This site is pretty cool because it allows you to open the posts in a new window (or on your phone, it directs you to the original post) so that you can comment or whatever. But, when you want to ‘go back’ you don’t lose the post! Sounds confusing- probably because I am terrible at explaining things. What I’m trying to say is- go register with Bloglovin and get used to it before Google Reader goes away forever.

4. Read about why you don’t like the word Moist.

5. Leftover OJ from Easter? (aka: your mimosas were mi-mostly champagne) MAKE THESE. 

6. Why you should eat bell peppers.

7. You’re Not As Fat As You Think You Are. I re-read this a ton of times, took a few deep breaths, and felt a bit better.

8. BOOKS. I’m reading them. Yay! Here’s what I’ve got under my belt as of late:

Image (Source)

Image (source)

Image (Source)

I’m currently reading:

Image (Source)

And have these next to read:

Image (Source)

Image (Source)

Question: Any good eats or reads lately? Please share!!



13 thoughts on “OF ALL THE DAMN RECEIPTS

  1. I’ve bought expensive flat irons in the past, but found that my $40 one from Winners is MUCH better than any other one. I’ve had it well over a year, use it everyday and still going strong. I’d say check out Winners for another one. Shitty that you can’t find the receipt though. I read Forgotten Garden and thought it was pretty good.

    • i have gone through my fair share of straighteners- i finally splurged and got a $$$ one that lasted almost 6 years. When it bit the dust last summer, I bought the same one and it has already died 😦 luck=sucky

  2. I have so many things to comment on today!
    1. My new rule is that whenever I spend at least two times in pants that make me feel fat, I throw them out because it just means they don’t have enough “give” to accommodate my ever-changing belly haha. There are some pants I ALWAYS feel good in and I will never throw away.
    2. Does bloglovin have an iPad app? I thought it didn’t so I chose to start using feedly instead…I like it so far!
    3. I just finished the forgotten garden! I really liked it! Now I started the second compendium of the walking dead comics.

    • I really need to find a place that sells work pants that actually WORK (for my height, hips and tush). Good rule, though!

      I have the app on my phone (haven’t put it on ipad yet) and it works pretty awesome!

  3. That’s just rude to cancel an interview like that, but it’s only marginally better than discovering part way through the interview they have no intention of hiring you, that you were brought in just to show they were following process so they could hire the one they wanted to hire when the posted the job.
    With all the cheap shit made in China by slave labour (some of which is sold at astonishing markups) there is no quality any more. Two identical items off the assembly line one after the other could have dramatically different service lives.
    I like the word moist. It’s rich and succulent.
    Peppers are good for you, part of a balanced diet. Even if I didn’t like them for a long time.
    And you aren’t, unless you’ve been doing some photoshop magic.
    Have you read Night Circus? Or the 100 year old man by Jonsson?

  4. Cake- YUM!!
    Interview- sorry about that:(
    Clothes- UGH. the worst. it’s amazing how trying on one pair of pants that are seemingly “tight” can make you feel so awful, and then trying on a pair of pants that fit great make you feel great. why can’t things always feel great?!
    Ugh, trying to finish The Happiness Project but always forget to read it when I have a few seconds of down time.

  5. glad you made my carrot cake! so sorry you overbaked it though. I’ve never tried it at high altitude. But a ton of extra frosting is always a good thing in my book 😉

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