Exercise and Eats: Week of 4/1

For the sake of keeping MYSELF accountable, let me just write out a recap of last week’s workouts and what I plan on getting done this week.

Sun, 3/24: Off

Mon, 3/25: Defying Gravity Workout (from Tina Reale) and HIIT treadmill run

Tues, 3/26: Full body tabatas + 20 minute treadmill run

Wed, 3/27: Circuit Interval workout

Thurs, 3/28: 60 min hike with Layla; 2,4,6,8,10 workout from Fitnessista, 5 min row, 15 min spin

Fri, 3/29: off

Sat, 3/30: Deck of Cards workout

  • ♠: shuffle jumps
  • ♣: deadlifts
  • ♥: pushups
  • ♦: tricep dips

Not too shabby. Now let’s see what’s on the agenda for this week:

Sun, 3/31: 60 minute hike with Layla; 1.5 mile run (OUTDOORS!)

Mon, 4/1: First day of Best Body Bootcamp!!!! Strength Workout A and 5k outdoor run

Tues, 4/2: 40 minutes spin, 20 minutes of ab tabatas

Wed, 4/3: BBB Strength Workout B, 5k outdoor run

Thursday, 4/4: 40 minutes treadmill intervals, 20 minutes ab tabatas

Friday, 4/5: BBB Strength Workout C, 30 min spin, 10 minute row

Sat, 4/6: Deck of Cards workout x2, possible hike

Now, I never really do this because I end up changing mid-week and then getting upset with myself, but I actually wrote up a meal plan for the week! I have been checking off my eats as I go along. Dinners for the week include:

  • Monday: Turkey Chili Taco Soup from Skinnytaste
  • Tuesday: Chicken Salad Sandwiches
  • Wednesday: Homemade Turkey Burgers
  • Thursday: Chicken Fajitas
  • Friday: Wonton Stir fry

If you’re still reading, I will now indulge you with tons of pictures of Layla. Because she hasn’t gotten much love on the blog lately. 🙂































Time to take the beast out for a walk!

Question: Do you meal plan? Plan your workouts?

5 thoughts on “Exercise and Eats: Week of 4/1

  1. I don’t “meal plan” except for my Sunday night meal, which usually will take me through until Wednesday. i get home so late every night that I dont have time to cook, so I try to have healthy leftovers on hand for a quick and easy re-heat! So jealous you have time to cook real meals every night!! However, I’d probably drink loads more wine if I did that. I can’t cook and not drink wine. it’s a problem…or is it?

    • yeah, it’s really hard for me to not enjoy a beverage when I’m cooking 😉

      When I was in Brighton, I had practically ZERO time to cook- I often even woke up earlier to cook quinoa and veggies to bring for my lunch to work. Crazy!

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