Tonight was date night

Tonight was date night. Almost like we paid homage to me, really (you’ll see why in a sec) first, we went to BOSTON pizza, had a few brewskis

Ate stromboli and chix parm (mine was the Stromboli, it was a ‘healthy option’ under 600 cals)


Then we went to see Wanderlust (laughed a lot due to the amount of times Paul Rudd says d*ck), then picked up these gems:

(Infinium: from the makers of Sam Adams. Verdict? Terrible. We think it was a bad batch. I dried my tears over this tragedy and am currently downing a few of these

While watching Your Highness.

Lots of Boston running through tonight’s date. I don’t miss it THAT much!! ) OK, I do, but this wasn’t supposed to be a sob story.

BT dubs, I did the Pioneer workout from the Nike Training Camp on my iPad today. It was a killer cardio/strength sesh, and I had a 3 pup audience!
I learned some killer new moves with the stability ball at the gym this week that I totally wanna share. BUT I gotta buy one first. Totally bummin’ that I left both of mine in the states. Read: Woof. I’ll be sure to hop on that chore soon.

I’m off to continue the beer drinking and awful movie watching with my loves (both dog and man). Toodles

One thought on “Tonight was date night

  1. hey Jen!! I found your blog from Athena’s:) I had to comment because I LOVE LOVE LOVE the nike training camp app!!! it’s the perfect butt-kicker workout that you can do at home or on the road with minimal equipment.

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