So last night was…

So last night was fun! After an afternoon of shopping and a mini homesick freakout, Tyler and I made homemade pizzas! (even the dough was from scratch. #forthewin) A little flour here, some yeast there, and 30 minutes later BOOM. We ended up making three of them, all of which included bacon. Pork products are the bomb and we are heavy investors, what can I say. The pizzas looked a little like-ah’dees (poor attempt at Italian accent):

From L to R we had
1) pepperoni, chicken and bacon
2) pineapple, chicken and bacon
3) sausage, mushies, peppers and bacon

It was really a huge carb fest, considering I had made pancakes for breakfast and consoled in 2 apricot ales during my freakout. But whatever.

We shared our delicious eats with Joe and Twyla then played friggin’ Cranium. Quite possibly one of the best past times ever. Found out halfway through the game though, that it is in fact a Canadian version. (no, I do not know who the prime minister is, and no, I wouldn’t be able to draw a loonie). GOOD THING Twyla and I were partners because we pretty much ruled the green cards. More notably, the Humdingers. High fives all around for us.

Now Sunday is here, a little snow has fallen, and I don’t feel like getting out of bed. Partly because it IS Sunday, but more so because Layla is on top of me. Gloriously uncomfortable. Now what to have for breakfast….(in bed, of course).

*little update on Crap about Canada:
1) their clearance rack prices at factory outlet stores look like full retail prices. I may never get a new wardrobe.
2) they don’t plow. I repeat, they DON’T PLOW. I am already a terrible winter driver, now take away my plowing and salting? Ah, I’m screwed. Perhaps my white-knuckling is burning more calories though.
3) A basic oil change cost me $114. Whatisthat?!!?!?!?!?! Perhaps this is what cued the homesickness yesterday.
4) Tim Horton’s. It’s like the Dunkin Donuts of Canada. Great coffee… When I can get it. I just want a plain black coffee with nothing in it, people! So when I order “a medium black coffee, nothing in it” stop asking if I want cream and/or sugar! I juuuuust said nothing in it. Plain. Black. It happens every time. This wouldn’t be a problem at Dunks. I’m jus’ sayin’.

Until next time, my friends. Peace, love, and don’t do drugs (unless you have a prescription). xoxo

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