Big things, you guys. Big things.

Big things, you guys. Big things.

1.)  Live! With Kelly is coming to Banff in April. See my header photo? That’s Banff. I practically live there. And since she tapes LIVE (the title gives it away, I think) AND since my days are free for the most part, I’mma try to score some tix! How awesome is that? Plus, I could hit up Saltlik again and get me a nice hunk o’ meat. (Not a bo-hunk of the oily variety, but an actual cut of filet mignon. Hard to tell the difference, so I thought I’d clarify).

2.)  RIP belly button ring (2003-2012). I have decided that I’m grown-up enough to get rid of my rebellious and youthful body art statement piece. Now if only tattoo removal was as painless and inexpensive…

3.)  I finally found that avocado I lost in my car. Good thing this blog is sans smell-o-vision. 

I find three points to be sufficient for a Monday morning post. Let me get my *ss in gear and I’ll check in later in the day with more awesome things.

 And by getting in gear, I mean buy dog food and foil and thaw a hunk of ground beef. Sa-weet.

2 thoughts on “Big things, you guys. Big things.

  1. I’ve had my belly button ring since 1996. Why? I have no idea. I just have no reason to get rid of it and most of the time I forget it is even there!

    I had an avocado incident in my car once. Only it was a baby pumpkin and it rotted under my drivers seat. Ugh…I get shivers thinking about it.

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