This week is gonna..

This week is gonna be filled with a weird mix of things. I’ve gotta find another gym to abuse their free trial, get Layla a vet, clean like WHOA, and last but not least, find a job. Minor detail right there. I get heart palpitations when I think of my lack of employment. Luckily I have a wonderful boyfriend who is helping me with those necessary expenses (chocolate, hair appointments, and my new iPhone. Obviously.)

Must. Change. Subject. Now.

Picked on the leftover pizza and baked the most amazeballs batch of brownies (aka: love turds) tonight before watching some goodies: AFV- one of the few shows I’ve yet to see Canada come out with their own version. (I’m talking to you, Canada’s Got Talent and Canadian Idol. Sheesh.) and Amazing Race- for the record, I could stack watermelons way better than most those teams.

You want to see what these love turds look like?

Haha, I know right? I topped the fudgy square of sin with some homemade icing I whipped up. Homemade icing on top of homemade brownies? Marriage
Material right here, folks. And the best part? They’re zero calories! But only on Sundays. No word of a lie. But every other day, they’re full of ’em. So mark your calendars, and if anyone wants the recipe, let me know!

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