This morning will consist..

This morning will consist of a few random musings. Let’s get started.

1) Since Tyler and I weren’t together for Valentine’s Day (I was in Florida. Such a shame) we decided to celebrate once he flew to Boston to help me move. Me being the awesome girlfriend that I am, I decided to drop mad dough on a new iPod for him since he lost his a while ago. I even bought candy and other gift accoutrement to make it all froo-froo for him. We both got to Logan airport on Saturday night (him from Calgary; me from Jacksonville) and I quickly assembled the gift for his opening pleasure. He opened: he liked: he thanked me for it. Cut to 2 hours later when we are sitting at the bar and he confesses that he just refurbished (or whatever you do with old technology to make it new again) his old iPhone to use for his music collection. Bottom Line: he didn’t need my gift. AHHHHH. But, it was late and I was drunk, so I forgot about it rather quickly.

2500 miles and 3 weeks later, I’ve discovered that I STILL have the dang thing

Can I return it? No. Why, you ask? Because I bought it at Target. Does Canada have Target? No. Oof. So now I’m kind of hoping my 2007 iPod classic kicks it so I don’t feel so guilty for buying this new one.

2) My roots. Ohmygawwwwd.

I am frantically checking Groupon and LivingSocial for salon deals because I just cannot go in public anymore in this condition. Where is my former hairdresser of a mother when I need her?!?!

3) I started a new book last night. I just reeeeeally couldn’t sleep, and buying this book made me too excited to even try to get some shut eye. I’m pretty sure the title alone gives you the gist of it.

If only I thought of writing a book like this. Boy, do I have dating stories. Mostly TERRIBLE ones. I blame alcohol,, and my previous attraction to assholes.

4) Dryness. Please don’t let your mind wander towards something inappropriate. Calgary is incredibly dry during the winter. Like boogery dry. Sleep with a humidifier dry. I was already drinking about a gallon of water a day in Boston, but now I’ve had to up the ante to 2 gallons. The worst is how much my hands have aged. They’re crackly and dry and rough and gross and I hate them and don’t feel feminine at all. Oh, you think I should try Lotion? Yeah, I have. ALL KINDS. From drug stores, department stores, homemade crap. Nothing helps. I’d show you a picture, but I haven’t had my nails done as recently as Layla. Plus, you’d barf.

Peace, I’m out.

2 thoughts on “This morning will consist..

  1. Notes for your last few comments:
    Balance all the H2O intake with bananas/salt to keep your sodium/potassium in balance – very important (but think you already know this, so just sayin’).
    Next, try vasiline (sp) and cotton gloves when you go to bed (not visually appealing, but if your hands are as “non-sexy” as you say, the gloves are soft).

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