Never have I ever…

Never have I ever done a clean and jerk before yesterday. What, you say?! It’s true. Buff ol’ gym rat Jen has never ventured towards that part of the gym. Well, the Muscle Blast class I took yesterday had us doing them for about 14 minutes. It was like Crossfit for free. AND NOW I LOVE DOING THEM.

Last night, I got all Betty Crocker-like and made alfredo sauce from scratch (gasp) and threw together this meal:

It was pretty decent. But, my belly wasn’t fully satisfied, so I cut up a banana and dipped it in melted chocolate. That’s the best way to end a meal.

Due to glorious time shift, we were able to watch Survivor at 6pm last night. I found that to be the perfect time to get in a good stretch, since I knew I was going to be sore from the Muscle Class. I threw a blanket on the floor and got to stretchin’. To paint a better picture for you (there was no way I was having a picture taken) I was wearing my yoga crops and a mumu. Hello Victoria’s Secret model-meets nursing home resident. Whatever, it’s a cute mumu.

Let’s talk about today.
Today is Thursday. And today I am going to do my own little workout. I’ll post later since I am not sure what space/equipment will be available at the gym.
Today, I turn in my fitness resume.
Today, I will figure out how to incorporate bacon in the dinner menu.
Today, I entered a lil’ giveaway over on Athena’s blog at Fitness & Feta and you should too!

And now, come the questions:
What’s something that’s new to you at the gym (or your workouts)?
What’s your favorite way to eat bacon? Any recipes?!!

Layla says hi

4 thoughts on “Never have I ever…

  1. Not gonna lie, I had to Google “clean and jerk” and was pretty disappointed to find out it wasn’t a new dance craze.
    P.S. ā€“ I like my bacon wrapped in bacon. With a side of bacon.

    • You may have something there, I’ll have to come up with a dance. I’m pretty good at that.
      I was thinking of saving a piece (read: pound) of bacon tonight and dipping it in chocolate. It’s ok, I live with a Medic. (Hi Twyla!)

  2. Please explain that Clean & Jerk?!
    My own Time Challenge is around the corner…. let me know how you are coping šŸ™‚

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