Hey there!

Hey there! Long time no talk. Friday night’s festivities really got the best of me and I was a loser in bed most of the day yesterday. BUT, I did slap on a fresh coat of face paint (makeup) and head over to Doug and Jen’s with Tyler. It was fun! Plus, the glass of wine really helped with the hangover.

Today is errand day. First stop: IKEA. Lil’ ol’ me got a few things for mah off-eeece.
It’s a little bare for now, but I need time to brainstorm how I want the final look.
Preview pic:

We got some doggie food from Pet Planet and the lady let us take home one a FURminator to try. Woof, does it work! Layla sat so patiently while I brushed about 42 pounds of hair off of her. Will definitely be looking into purchasing one!

Got some fitness equipment as well. My office will be a blog slash workout room slash lady retreat combo. Tyler gave me some speakers too, so I can pump up the music to get in some great at-home sweat seshies.

To round out the outing, we stopped at Mucho Burrito for some eats. It’s super similar to Chipotle and it’s super delicious. Take a look at this whopping burrito:

And I ate every bite of it. Yum yum yum.

The rest of the day will be filled with house organizing and what not. If I am ever hungry again (I totally will be, but jesus that burrito was large and in charge) I’ll throw together a nice dinner for Ty and I and watch the Amazing Race! And since it is super gorgeous out, Layla will be getting a long walk. And by walk, I mean strut. She’s totally digging her shiny clean coat and will probably work the sidewalk like a runway. I might follow suit.

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